(Clearwisdom.net) Hong Kong government plans to legislate Article 23, the so-called national security law that introduced seven crimes such as sedition, subversion to limit Hong Kong's freedom of speech and human rights. It even extends the boundary to foreigners. Taiwan and Hong Kong has a strong business tie so that Taiwanese are paying deep attention to Hong Kong's affair.

The target date for legislating the Article was July 9, but due to extreme public outcry, the Hong Kong government has just announced postponing the legislation for the time being. On July 5 and 6, Taiwan people opposing the Article 23 legislation took the initiative to start a petition drive. They went to places with a lot of people such as Taichung railway station, Fengle Park, Dali Guoguang flower market to collect signatures and to tell people the latest news about the affair.

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Unfurling a banner against Article 23 at Taichung railway station An elementary student signed her name after her Mom explained to her
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Patiently explaining the effects of Article 23 to people Signing name under bright sunshine to support justice People who learned the truth eager to sign for support

On the evening of July 5th, Fengle park had a children's rollerblade event. Many parents brought their children to the park. The petition drive collectors patiently and politely distributed flyers and explained the damage of Article 23 to the people. Many people signed their names to support justice and said, "Thank you, it is a hard work for you." One mother signed her names and then brought her child and her neighbor's child to sign their names.

The petition drive in Dali Flower market started at 6 in the morning and lasted till 12 at noon. Under the burning sunlight, the collectors were sweaty but they didn't stop explaining the effect of Article 23 to the human rights and freedom. Many people signed. Some brave people said, "(We) must sign on this petition. Where comes this irrational law? How can such law be passed?"

In two days, they collected many pieces of clothing full of names.