June 27, 2003


Case 1: A person who supports Dafa obtains good fortune

I have a friend who is 82 years old and was not in very good health. She had to take painkillers every day to get through the day. We have known each other for almost forty years. I said to her that Dafa is good and that she would have good fortune if she supported Dafa. I told her to recite "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" and "Falun Dafa is good" every day whenever she has time. She remembered, and recited these phrases many times every day. Later, when I went to her house, she said that she no longer took painkillers, and the uncomfortable feeling in her body was gone. She said, "The power of Dafa is so great! I did not forget to do what you told me to do every day."

Case 2: A person who protects Dafa materials obtains good fortune

On June 2, 2003, a young man, Gao, from Chifeng City of Inner Mongolia, went down into a well. The well suddenly collapsed and the young man was buried by stones. The villagers spent over four hours removing the stones before they finally managed to save him. The young man was safe and unhurt. People who know the inside story said that the man's 70-year-old father had safeguarded Dafa materials that someone else had discarded in fear. As a result he accumulated great virtue and thus obtained good fortune.

Case 3: A person who helps Dafa practitioners obtains good fortune

An old classmate of mine has a child who has yet to reach school age. One day while riding his bicycle and playing, the child fell from a three-meter-high ledge onto a cement floor. The child suffered only slight scratches on his face and did not have any other injuries. He recovered very quickly. My old classmate said it was really unbelievable. A Dafa practitioner told him, "You did good deeds for Falun Gong and thus obtained good fortune."

[Editors' Note: Whenever we see kind-hearted people being rewarded with good fortune for listening to their consciences and being fair to Dafa or protecting Dafa disciples, we always feel so thankful and are even happier than them. Whenever we see people awaken and correct their wrongdoings after they went astray or went down a wrong path and received karmic retribution, we feel so happy for them, and wish them our sincere blessings. Whenever we see people who are deceived by the lies commit wrongdoings against Dafa disciples, disregarding the warnings from Heaven and going down an evil path from which they might never return, we feel very bad for them. In order to eliminate their hatred and misunderstanding, we are willing to sacrifice everything so that all the sentient beings will have a happy, peaceful, and beautiful future.]