(Clearwisdom.net) We often read in reports from Mainland China words such as: We hope human rights organizations and overseas practitioners will appeal for so and so. As a form of truth-clarification, this is not a problem, but as a Dafa practitioner, sometimes I feel that in quite a number of such appeals there exists an everyday person's mentality of hoping everyday people or overseas practitioners will uphold justice on our behalf.

From Master's repeated teaching, we all know that when we see conflicts we should look within ourselves. So when this thought came to me, I calmed down my mind and looked first within myself, asking: Why am I always reading such sentences in these articles? I found indeed that I also had a mentality of seeking external help. Take the lawsuit against dictator Jiang for example: During the legal proceedings, I subconsciously attached great importance to the legal proceedings themselves and to everyday people's decisions, as if those things had become the reasons for my efforts. From the perspective of the Fa, it is wrong to do this. It is not based on the Fa and can run counter to what we set out to do, because the old forces are keeping a close eye on Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples and are looking for loopholes to take advantage of.

I benefited a lot from the Chicago Fa-conference, especially from what Master said about the case regarding the UN Human Rights Commission. I clearly saw what I was lacking in my understanding. Due to the mentality of doing things amongst everyday people and the habits of doing things, as well as the earnest desire to end the persecution, to reduce the loss and damage to fellow practitioners in Mainland China and to hope that everyday people could play a crucial positive role in ending the persecution, I developed a mentality of relying on everyday people (at the time, I did not realize this was relying on everyday people, and that it was not based on Dafa disciples validating the Fa). Therefore, many of my thoughts and ways of doing things focused on specific tasks. Also, while clarifying the truth, I tried hard to seek everyday people's "right decisions" and failed to at all times merge together cultivation, validating the Fa and saving people.

Looking retrospectively at the case of the Human Rights Commission, we can see clearly that at that time we did pursue the resolution by the United States and the vote by the UN Human Rights Commission. Our feelings went up and down along with their decisions, and many practitioners both inside and outside of China have had such a mentality in the past few years. What was the result? Our gaps were taken advantage of by the old forces. The U.S. resolution failed to pass in the first year, and failed again in the second year. At the same time, the CCP seemed to be gaining influence with its money-diplomacy and lobbying. In the face of setbacks, we all failed to look within in time to see if there was unrighteousness or impurities in our ways of thinking. Instead, we took a one-sided approach and tried to improve specific ways of doing things. As a result, the situation deteriorated to the point that the United States was driven off the UN Human Rights Commission, which was set up by the United States in the first place, and a country with a horrendous human rights record became the chairman of the commission. Still, we did not truly realize the impurities in our mentality, and were thus "arranged" by the old forces.

Only by drawing lessons from past experience and by even more clear-headedly cultivating ourselves can we avoid manipulation and interference by the old forces and do better at the things we should do in validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. The current lawsuit against dictator Jiang provides a good opportunity for us to draw lessons from the past, to cultivate and improve ourselves and to validate the Fa. We must not allow the old forces to take advantage of our gaps anymore. When we are able to clarify the truth with pure hearts, and when people have righteous hearts, everyday people will naturally do things with justice; otherwise it won't work and will bring about the opposite result. We are not doing everyday people's things, and all the mechanisms behind us are supernormal.

July 1, 2003