Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhai Zhibin (date of birth: 6/29/1976) was abducted by Daqing City's Ranghulu public security branch on 11/01/2002, and illegally sentenced to 10 years in prison by the Ranhulu local court.

Three other practitioners abducted at the same time were:

Ms. Wang Fajuan (date of birth: 11/24/1965) sentenced to 8 years;

Ms. Deng Jianmei (date of birth: 12/01/1966) sentenced to 7 years;

Ms. Lu Shuqin (date of birth: 2/17/1939) sentenced to 7 years.

Responsible unit: Daqing city's Ranhulu local court

Lead Judge: Mr. Tang Guifu

Acting Judge: Mr. Jia Sijun

Acting Judge: Mr. Zhang Xuguang

Court Clerk: Mr. Liu Zhigang