(Clearwisdom Net) Dafa practitioner Ms. Wei Guirong was a 54-year-old staff member in the Erligang Administration Office of Guancheng District, Zhengzhou City of Henan Province.

In October 1999, several fellow practitioners went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. After being arrested, they mentioned Ms. Wei's name to the police. She was therefore captured and detained in the Zhengzhou City's No.4 Custodial Center, accused of being an "organizer, plotter and instigator." Her husband rushed about everywhere and spent almost 10,000 Yuan in order to finally rescue his wife. During that period, Ms. Wei's younger sister, who did not practice Dafa, came to the center to visit her from their hometown, which was hundreds of miles away. Seeing Ms. Wei's suffering for no reason, the sister could not accept the situation and fell ill after returning home, and soon died from the stress of the injustice.

In June 2000, Ms. Wei made her way to Beijing to appeal. After being arrested, she was illegally sentenced to forced labor for two years, and sent to the Zhengzhou City's Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp in Henan Province for further persecution. There she suffered from forceful attempts at brainwashing and was overloaded with physical labor. Once during the forced labor period, Ms. Wei fell down from a high place and was knocked out. She had a big gash on her head and it was bleeding terribly. Fearing the disclosure of this, the guards took her to the hospital for emergency treatment, and then detained her in the dormitory, not allowing her family to visit her.

In March 2001, after being released, she noticed that her home phone was monitored and her actions were watched. In May a fellow practitioner attempted to call her, but was tailed and both of them were arrested. She was illegally sentenced to forced labor for 1.5 years and again sent to the Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp. Ms. Wei suffered more serious persecution. In order to protest the fabricated accusations that the labor camp authorities forcefully imposed on her, Mr. Wei staged a hunger strike, refused to do the forced labor and refused to report. The police encouraged the drug addicts in the cell with her to persecute her viciously, using the "tying the ropes" torture, force feeding, kicking and hitting, cursing and other sadistic acts. They prolonged her term again and again and would not release her when the term expired.

In April 2003, the Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp carried out another wave of terribly inhuman persecution against steadfast Dafa practitioners. As Ms. Wei firmly resisted, the vicious criminals put her in a strait jacket and caused the disability in her two arms. Under the instigation of the police, the methods that the drug addicts used were very brutal and at this point Ms. Wei is facing life-threatening danger at any time.

(for detailed information about strait jackets:


Telephone numbers of responsible units: (add 86-371 before following numbers when you make calls)

Zhengzhou City Shibalihe Forced Labor Camp: 6802210
Erligang Police Station: 6322483
Erligang Administration office (Ms. Wei's work unit): 6322483
Guancheng District Police Department:
Switch board: 6229936, Reception: 6222746
Beixiajie Police Station: 6226030
Nanguan Police Station: 6962819
Longhai Police Station: 6324390
Chengdonglu Police Station: 6322777
Dongdajie Police Station: 6322899
Dongsan Police Station: 6255313
Caishijie Police Station: 6996743
Hanghailu Police Station: 6822204
Nancao Police Station: 6711030
Putian Police Station: 5811110
Shiba Lihe Police Station: 6751845
Zhengzhou City Guancheng Hui Minorities District Government:

Administration Office: 6226293
Administrative Bureau For Governmental Affairs: 6226316
Administrative Bureau For Religious Affairs: 6254002
Appeal Office: 6229583
Department of Justice: 6257244
Department of Municipal Administration: 6224361
Department of Civil Affairs: 6339147
Administrative Office of Beixia Street: 6210077
Administrative Office of Longhai Road: 6322662
Administrative Office of Nanguan: 6222011
Administrative Office of Chengdong Road: 6329716
Administrative Office of Zijingshan South Road: 6815814
Administrative Office of Dongdajie: 6330132
Administrative Office of Xidajie: 6222541
Dongcheng Village Government: 6322882
Nancao Village Government: 6711888
Putian Village Government: 5811818
Shibalihe Town Government: 6751798

June 26, 2003