(Clearwisdom.net June 21, 2003) From 2000 to 2002, I was illegally detained in the Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City, Jilin Province. I witnessed the following persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners:

The date was April 30, 2001. To further persecute Dafa practitioners, Chaoyanggou Labor Camp authorities organized a concert of singing and dancing, and presented some slander against Falun Dafa. Dafa practitioner Liu Haibo (who was beaten to death by Kuancheng District Police Department in March 2002, and whose death was reported on Clearwisdom.net), Lian Hong, Zhang Fuqing (over 60 years old), and Li Min stood up immediately to point out the lies.

The inmates who were designated by the guards to "watch" the practitioners quickly dragged the practitioners downstairs and brutally beat them. The inmates seized the practitioners by their necks and almost choked them to death. After the practitioners were dragged downstairs, the Labor Camp Director Wang Yanwei took the lead in beating the practitioners, and many guards were also involved. They hung the practitioners by their handcuffed wrists, and then beat them, kicked them, and shocked them with electric batons; the torture lasted over 20 minutes.

Wang told the guards to continue the beating while he went into the office and watched from the monitors. Later they ordered the inmates to torture the practitioners three more times. By then, many Dafa practitioners were beaten up so badly that their faces and bodies were deformed beyond recognition.

There was blood and wounds all over their bodies. One of Li Min's ribs was broken, and he could not move or sleep for many days afterward. When Li recovered a little, the guards ordered the inmates to watch him and allow him to sleep only three hours every day, that is, from 12:00 am to 3:00 am. By 3:00 am, Li was forced to sit on the floor. He was also forced to do hard labor.

They dropped Lian Hong to the ground three times after they lifted him up over a meter above the ground. Lian suffered from severe injuries. Liu Haibo was also severely wounded at that time.

Those most responsible: Labor Camp Director Wang Yanwei, guards including Chen Lihui and others, and inmates Gao Jian, Cai Mingjie, Yu Zhenjiang, and others.

June 21, 2003