A Dafa practitioner told me a story about her older brother. Since I often skip Fa study because of being busy at work, I felt flushed with shame when comparing myself with this new practitioner, her brother.

In September 2002 she returned to her hometown to introduce Falun Dafa. After listening to her talk, her brother of over 50 years old wanted to ask for some books to read. At that time she only had a miniature-sized Zhuan Falun with very small print [Note: these miniature books were printed by compassionate practitioners in order for those practitioners who were detained in labor camps to be able to study the Falun Dafa teachings under difficult circumstances]. Her brother was blind in one eye and deaf in one ear because of taking the wrong medicine when he was young. So she asked her brother, "The characters are so small, can you see them?" "Yes!" His eagerness of wanting to obtain Dafa was obvious. Amazingly, as he read, each character appeared to be bigger and bigger, as big as he wanted. He read the book repeatedly and wouldn't put it down for couple of days. He said to his younger sister: "Why didn't you come back to visit us earlier?"

When a person finds Dafa, how could he not treasure it? Her brother routinely works on the farm until 9:00 p.m. After going home, he needs to feed the pigs, cows and so on. After finishing the housework and cleaning himself up, it is past 11 p.m. After that he still reads the book for a while. The next day before dawn, he still would get up to read the book every day.

More than a month later, he called his younger sister and told her excitedly that his vision and hearing were restored! He used to have to take a lot of medicine every day causing his body to feel very heavy. Now his body felt as light as a feather without any medicine at all. Because of his choice to genuinely cultivate in Dafa, there was such a big change in his life.