On February 19, 2003, while Dafa practitioner Ms.. Gou Zhongxiu from Chongzhou City, Sichuan Province, was handing out truth-clarification materials in Jiezi Town, Chongzhou City, she was arrested by police and sent to Chongzhou City Detention Center. At this time, Zhang Tiantian and a band of people from the "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systeMs.), Division One of Chengdu Municipal Police Department, directly took part in persecuting Dafa practitioners. He personally went to Chongzhou City and incited the Chongzhou Municipal Police Department and all local police stations to wantonly and illegally arrest and persecute Falun Gong practitioners.

On February 26, policeman Chen Xiaokun and a band of people from Chengxi local police station, Chongzhou City took Ms. Gou to Chongzhou municipal administrative detention center and interrogated her. They did not allow her to sleep for 4 days and nights. After her hands were cuffed, they beat her, hitting her face and head. The goal was to force her to tell the origin of the truth-clarification materials. Ms. Gou did not obey them. Zhang Tiantian and his accomplice were very angry, so they used more cruel methods to torture Ms. Gou physically and mentally.

On the evening of March 5, Ms. Gou was taken to the Chongzhou municipal administrative detention center again by police from Chengxi local police station, the first section of Chongzhou police department and the "610 Office." The perpetrators included: chief of police Zhang Shunguo, chief of the first section Gong Zhong, Chen Hui (female), Yang Shali (female), Zhang Hua, Chen Xiaokun, Lin X, Wei X, Zhuo X and many other police officers whose names are not known. They cuffed both of Ms. Gou's hands behind her back to the back of a chair. They then fastened the handcuffs to the horizontal rail under the bottom of the chair with a second pair of handcuffs. A policeman named Zhuo stood on the second handcuff, bearing down on it hard while using his leather shoe's heel to step on her thigh. A policeman named Lin from the first section deceived Ms. Gou by saying that someone had already betrayed her and so on. Thus, they tortured her for two days and two nights.

On May 26, policeman Lin from the first section of the Chongzhou police department came to Ms. Gou and said: "The rumor is spreading outside that I beat you and that Zhang Tiantian persecuted Dafa practitioners. In addition, only you know my name is Lin." He also asked Ms. Gou whether she said something to the released practitioners. Ms. Gou refused to answer any questions. They ran out of ways and had to let it go. It seemed that the evil was really afraid that how they persecuted Dafa practitioners had been revealed. They were very nervous.

Among the persecuted Dafa practitioners at this time, eight were illegally arrested on March 27. They are Ms. Wang Huijun, Ms. Jia Chunrong, Ms. Zhan Huifen, Ms. He Maoying, Ms. Zhang Shuqun, Ms. Gou Zhongxiu, Ms. Gong Zhenyun and Ms. Yue Hong.

Attached are the telephone numbers of the related people who are responsible for the persecution:

Chief of the first section of Chongzhou police department: Xu Changan, 86-28-86353125 (office), 86-28-82599289 (home), 86-139082011188 (cell)

Director of Chongzhou Detention Center: Fang Maohua, 86-28-86353131(office), 86-28-82525385 (home), 86-13550120351(cell)

Staff of the first section of Chongzhou police department: Peng Suquan, 86-13708219619(cell)

Vice party secretary of Chongzhou Municipal Politics Committee: Li Fuxiang, 86-28-82515066, 86-28-86350505(office), 86-28-82524336(home), 86-13908082936 (cell); Wang Erxia, 86-28-86350503(office), 86-28-82520599(home), 86-13708219546 (cell)