Before I started cultivation, I had chronic nephritis. By 1992, it had damaged the functioning of my pancreas, stomach, and gallbladder. I had high blood pressure, and occasionally my heart would skip, which could cause sudden death. In 1995, after the symptoms of those diseases were improved a bit through medication, my blood sugar was diagnosed as high, and I had pimples all over my face. In the midst of my struggles with these diseases, I started practicing Falun Dafa in 1996. Shortly after, all my discomforts and symptoms disappeared.

But because I did not study the Fa in depth, I was unable to get rid of many attachments, and I did not do well in cultivation. When the persecution against Dafa and practitioners began in 1999, the lies and fabrications deceived many people, including some practitioners who had not studied the Fa well, myself among them. I started worrying about my "health" and went to the hospital for an exam. When my blood sugar level tested high, I thought my health had not improved, so I gave up cultivation. During the three years after I stopped cultivation, I developed diabetes and had to have injections of over 80 units of insulin every day. My kidney problems also became more serious. My blood pressure rose again, and my eyes became swollen. I dared not eat any protein or salt. I was unable to walk any further than a few hundred meters and could not stand straight without the support of a waist belt. Even in the summertime my hands and feet felt cold, and I had to wear warm, heavy shoes, even inside the house. The hospital told me that I would probably live for only another 2-3 years. I often thought about Dafa and wondered why I could not become a genuine practitioner. The more I thought about it, the sorrier I felt. I understood that it was impossible for one to have everything comfortable in cultivation. How could one have no tribulations? I knew my kidney disease was already in the late stages, and I only had at most 2-3 years to live. But if I died, then it would be too late for anything. So I decided to start practicing Falun Dafa again.

I started to practice Dafa again before the Chinese New Year of 2003. In the beginning, because of my poor condition, I could not finish the first four sets of exercises all at once, so I started with a half hour of the standing exercises. After doing this for about two weeks, I was able to complete all five exercises in sequence. During this time, when I was holding the wheel over my head, I felt something strong was moving inside my kidneys. I knew it was Teacher purifying my body. After about a week, all the poisons in both of my kidneys were removed. My face started to regain its natural color, and my blood pressure returned to normal. I no longer felt any lower back pain. All my symptoms of kidney disease disappeared. I no longer had to take the medicine that cost over 300 Yuan* per month. But the doctor still insisted that I needed to take insulin injections everyday. He said that if I stopped taking the insulin I would die. But I secretly stopped taking it after I felt I was fully recovered. I have not used insulin for over two months now, and everything is normal. My renewed health has surprised all my friends and family, so I told them the truth and used it as an opportunity to validate Dafa and expose the propaganda's lies.

My father saw my dramatic improvement and was so happy that he continually told people, "Falun Dafa is good!" My father is over 80 years old. About two months ago he started practicing. He used to have prostatis and had to urinate over 10 times a night. Now that disease is gone. His high blood pressure and cerebral thrombus were also cured. He does not need a crutch or all those medicines any longer.

Looking back at my cultivation journey in the Fa-rectification period, I fell down several times. But with Teacher's compassionate help each time, I was able to overcome the big hurdles. Now I am firmly determined to cultivate no matter how severe the tribulation is. No one can change my determination to cultivate according to Dafa.

* Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.