(Clearwisdom.net June 19)

Mr. Wang Baoxian was 49-years old, a railway worker in Qiqihaer city.

He was abducted in August 1999, when he went to Beijing to appeal and was then sentenced to three years in the Nianzishan labor camp, where he endured all kinds of torture. He was sent to the Fuyu Labor Camp in 2001. By August 11, 2002, Wang Baoxian's term had almost expired, and his wife was called to the Fuyu Labor Camp to visit him. At that time, Wang Baoxian was near death.

According to his wife's memory, she saw three policemen holding a person who was totally battered and bloodied all over his body with a big bump on his head, and who seemed to be near death. Facing Wang Baoxian, who was her husband for twenty years, she could not recognize him at all and could not believe her eyes. Wang Baoxian caught his wife's hand but could not speak. His wife said, "Follow me back home!" He nodded. That night, his wife used a couple rolls of paper towels to clean the blood and wounds that covered Wang Baoxian's entire body, yet it was not enough.

Because of the severe wounds, on August 18th, Wang Baoxian passed away. Wang Baoxian was beaten to death, but nobody dares to speak out about it. Wang Baoxian's wife asked the doctor about the cause of death. The doctor replied, "I am still young and I don't want to lose my job. I cannot tell you." There was another person who was tortured to death at the same time. We don't know his name. It was written on the death verification document that Wang Baoxian died from liver cancer. They asked his wife to sign but she refused. She knows that Wang Baoxian did not have a liver problem. Wang Baoxian's body was taken away to be cremated.

One of the prison guards who persecuted Wang Baoxian had the last name Jia.