Mr. Wang Yuquan, a worker from Jinzhou Heavy Machinery Plant of Liaoning Province, was abducted from his home when it was illegally searched on July 24, 2000. He was sentenced to three years in the Jinzhou Labor Camp.

Wang Yuquan has endured brutal torture and has been subjected to numerous brainwashing attempts by authorities for not giving up his peaceful beliefs. His body is emaciated and his stomach is now bleeding internally. July 23, 2003 was the end of Wang's three-year sentence. On July 15th, his wife called the labor camp to make an enquiry. Brainwashing Squad Instructor Feng Zibin told her that Wang Yuquan would not be released on July 23, but instead, his term would be prolonged. When Mrs. Wang asked when Mr. Wang would be released, the police answered: "We'll think about it in a month's time."

We urgently call for people of conscience from all walks of life to express their concern about the persecution of Mr. Wang by the Jinzhou Labor Camp. The Labor Camp employs extremely inhumane means to persecute Dafa practitioners who do not give up their peaceful beliefs. Mr Shi Zhongyan, who was detained together with Mr. Wang, has already died from the extreme persecution. Another practitioner, Mr Zhu Feng, has been incarcerated in this labor camp beyond his two-year sentence by 10 months. Only when Mr. Zhu fainted in the rest room on May 25th was he taken back by his local police station.

Fellow practitioners who read this message: please send forth righteous thoughts to strengthen and assist Wang Yuquan so that he can make the earliest breakthrough and walk nobly out of the evil's den.

Below is some contact information of Jinzhou City Labor Camp:

Address: 53 Jinchao Road, Postal Code: 121000
Chief Executive's Office: 86-416-4566882
Main Office: (Fax) 86-416-4567366
Administration: 86-416-4566753
Political Control: 86-416-4566725
Delivery Room: 86-416-4567330
Director: Zhang Haiping: 86-13941655333 (cell-phone), 86-416-8983333, 86-416-4562868 (home)
Deputy Director: Li Fenglin: 86-416-4162888 (home)
Brainwashing Squad Leader: Bai Jinlong
Brainwashing Squad Instructor: Feng Zibin: 86-13941642104 (cell-phone), 86-416-4170078 (home)
Brainwashing Squad Deputy Leader: Li Songtao: 86-13604164126 (cell-phone)
Brainwashing Squad Deputy Leader: Yang Tinglun 86-416-2343435 (home)
Brainwashing Squad Deputy Leader: Zhang Chunfeng
Brainwashing Squad Ex-Leader: Han Lihua: 86-13050469855 (cell-phone)
Education Director: Chen Ligang: 86-13591251918 (cell-phone), 86-416-3141638 (home)
Administration Director: Liu Xingjiang: 86-13804169251(cell-phone), 86-416-2343055 (home)