(Clearwisdom.net) Dagang District Banqiao Female Labor Camp in Tianjin City has tortured numerous Falun Gong practitioners to death, disability, and injury. The following are some recent cases of Dafa practitioners being persecuted by the police:

Ms. Bai Hong, in her fifties, was arrested and sentenced to forced labor just because she persisted in practicing Falun Gong. She went on a hunger strike in order to protest against all the unfair tortures she suffered in the labor camp. Due to this, she was force-fed by the police from the labor camp. Every time they force-fed her, the police would ask some drug addicts to tow Bai Hong, who had been tortured severely and could not even move about freely, to a room. The police would then press her onto a chair, and order the drug addicts to pry open her mouth. Then, the police would violently insert a tube through which they would force food down her throat. After the force feeding, the tube would be covered with blood.

One such time, after the force feeding, looking at the blood-dripping tube, policewoman Kou Na even rediculed Bai Hong. Kou Na is a policewoman of the 2nd Division of the female labor camp. She frequently beats Dafa practitioners brutally, and often threatens them by saying - "The leaders have said that it would not even matter to beat Falun Gong practitioners to death. If you don't repent, we will torment you to death! After you die, we will just say it was caused by a sudden heart attack. The coroner is one of our people." At present, Bai Hong has been tortured to paralysis. She lies on bed, and has lost control of her bowels and bladder. However, the police still do not stop torturing her.

Ms. Chen Zhaoyun, over 30 years old is from Ninghe County of Tianjin City. Because of her being a Dafa practitioner, her house was pulled down by vicious people in the local government. She was also detained in a labor camp. Everybody who had met Chen before, all knew that she was physically very strong. However, since she was imprisoned in the labor camp, she and all the other Dafa practitioners were forced to do heavy physical labor nearly every day. In order to make money, the labor camp simply did not care about the human body's bearing capacity. It frequently forced practitioners to work till late at night. The practitioners could only sleep for about 2 to 3 hours a day, but worked for as long as 21 hours. Because of the long term torture, presently Chen Zhaoyun has nearly lost her hearing capability, and she cannot see clearly either. She is unable to walk normally, and has to need someone to help her. However, even with help, she can barely move her legs.

Ms. Li Jing, over 30 years old, worked in Dagang District. In 2000, she was illegally sentenced to forced labor, and imprisoned at Banqiao Female Labor Camp because she practiced Falun Gong. Since then, she resisted the forceful brainwashing, and thus had suffered from physical torture for a long time. Whenever it was her time to sleep, the police would force her to stand up for a long time while she had already worked for the whole day, and felt exhausted. The police forced her to stand for several days on end. In cold winter nights, when knowing about Li Jing being locked up with little clothing, a fellow practitioner wanted to send her a pair of knitted wool pants while delivering her meals. Unfortunately, it was discovered by the police on duty who scolded and threatened the practitioner. Li Jing was also handcuffed to a wire net in the labor camp, and was guarded by some special personnel who did not allow her to move. Recently, the persecution from the police against Li Jing has become even crazier.

Ms. Yang Fenxia, 50 years old, and Yang Xiuying, 57 years old, both suffered from long term mental and physical tortures just because they refused to be forcefully brainwashed. Although they both were over 50 years old, they were ordered by the police to carry about 110 lb gunny sacks with the others. At night, they were not allowed to sleep, but had to stand in the yard for a long time as punishment. In summer, they were not allowed to drive away the mosquitos that were biting them. If they did, they would be immediately beaten mercilessly by the wardens. In freezing winter days, in the bone-chilling wind, the police ordered Yang Xiuying to take off her winter jacket and stand in the snow for the whole night. She was almost frozen. Moreover, the police frequently ordered the drug addicts to beat Yang Xiuying brutally. Recently, the police locked the two practitioners up separetely. Nobody was allowed to have any contact with them. They were going through even more secret tortures. No one knows whether they are alive or dead.

The above is just a brief account of a few recent cases of the 2nd Division in Banqiao Female Labor Camp's persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. Because of heavy over-load of physical labor, plus the extremely poor meals and sleep conditions, it is very normal that practititoners' bodies all become swollen, with body joints deformed, and even having heart problems. Many practitioners were given shocks with electric batons by the police. Mouths and armpits were the parts that the police often shocked. Since 2003, after Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Shumin was tortured to death, another practitioner Ms. Zhao Dewen was murdered by torture on about June 4, 2003. She was only 49 years old. We hope kind-hearted people will pay serious attention to this. We should not allow torture and murder to continue anymore!

Written on July 11, 2003