I feel that when validating Dafa, a practitioner should remain in a state of "non-action." However, "non-action" does not mean that you don't do anything; rather it means that one's mindset is very peaceful and rational, and that one is in a state of gaining without seeking. It also means that one is aware of what he says, and that his words are consistent with the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. One should be neither timid nor arrogant, and he should always be very righteous and tolerant. This doesn't mean that he won't speak out when he sees something wrong. Rather, he will be calm during an ordinarily tense situation, and he will suppress the other's evil side, and arouse his Buddha nature. This is not only a question of one's own elevation, but also a matter of saving others.

Not being attached to the results of our validating Dafa does not mean that we let everything develop on its own. During the whole process, no matter how good or how bad the situation becomes, we should not let the false images of people, places, and things affect us. Once we do, our hearts as well as emotions will be moved. Then, the part of us that has not been cultivated well will act like an ordinary person, and while we clarify the truth we will have the heart of attachment to seeking sympathy or help. Doing things this way, however, is still not sufficient. To inhibit the interference we must always have our hearts unaffected. We need to use righteous thoughts to rid ourselves of the evil in other dimensions. In the meantime, we need to use the all-encompassing power that we have cultivated from Dafa to touch and guide our righteous and kind side. More specifically, we need to constantly rely on Dafa to correct our zealotry, fear, worries, anxiety, anger, affections, and eagerness to accomplish things. We also need to constantly remember that Master Li is right next to us, guarding us and waiting for us.

Every difficult situation is a test and an obstacle that determines whether we can deny the arrangements of the old forces. It is also a perfect opportunity for us to break away from our human shell. If our hearts are not right, our acquired notions and thought karma will cause our tone of voice and our expressions to carry things uncharacteristic of Dafa disciples. The more we seek things, the more we will be overcome by them. This is also one of the reasons that old forces dare to spoil things.

The above is my personal understanding at my present level. Please point out any of my deficiencies.