July 15, 2003


At the end of September, 2001, a place for making truth clarification materials was destroyed by the police in Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province and 8 Dafa practitioners were taken away one after another. They are Zhang Lingjiang, Shi Yan, Liu Runling, Lan Qizhi, Yang Xiaojie, Zhang Shijun, Zhao Lishan and Niu Mingang. Together with Dafa practitioner Wang Yunman, who was abducted in August, the nine practitioners were regarded as key targets for persecution by the Ministry of Public Security.

On September 9, 2002, the 9 Dafa practitioners were illegally brought to a secret trial. Ms. Wang Yunman had suffered severe physical torment after a continuous hunger strike for 8 months. After that, the whereabouts of Wang Yunman, who was illegally held in the second detention center in Shijiazhuang City, was suddenly unknown. So far, her family members and other practitioners haven't seen her, and she isn't in the detention center either.

In May 2003, Liu Runling and Lan Qizhi were illegally transferred to and detained in the second prison in Shijiazhuang City. It was reported that Zhang Lingjiang and Shi Yan, who had continuously been detained in the first detention center, had been sentenced to 12 and 11 years of imprisonment respectively and were sent to the Shahe prison in the middle of June.

In addition, Bai Yuzhi, in spite of her extremely dangerous condition after a long-term hunger strike, was recently secretly sentenced to 4 years of imprisonment. She was also detained in the second prison of Shijiazhuang City. Nobody knows if she is still alive.

The first detention center of Shijiazhuang City
Address: 31 Beijiao Street
Switchboard: 86-311-7792564
Head: 86-311-77783741
Vice head: 86-311-7783740, 86-311-7784974
Office: 86-311-7772894

The second detention center of Shijiazhuang City
Address: Zhaolingpu, north suburb
Office: 86-311-7794374, 86-311-7794348
Head: 86-311-7755213
Vice head and Instructor: 86-311-7755202

The second prison of Shijiazhuang City
Address: Zhuoda Rose Garden, 218 Cang'an Road
Office: 86-311-382554
Administration of the prison: 86-311-3835241
Prison Hospital: 86-311-3808034