Since the persecution of Falun Dafa started on July 20th 1999, lawless officials in Yanshi City, Luoyang area, Henan Province illegally search practitioners' homes, implicate practitioners' families and friends, and never follow any kind of legal procedure. They have seized practitioners' property, food and quilts etc. In 2000, under orders from Jiang, the officials gave an ultimatum: "If three people from Yanshi City go to Beijing to appeal, the mayor will be removed from office. If even one person in a given county goes to Beijing to appeal, then the community Party leader of that county will be replaced." Since then, in order to keep their political titles, officials in all areas have strictly controlled the Falun Gong practitioners, cruelly persecuted them, set up "brainwashing classes" again and again, and forced the practitioners to turn in their Dafa books and video tapes. Since March 2003, another round of persecution is ongoing. The facts of the situation are as follows:

On the afternoon of March 2nd, Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Jiancheng was taken to a brainwashing class held in the Huaxia Hotel in Yanshi. Mr. Zhang Jiancheng had been illegally detained for two years in the labor camp in Luoyang city. He was subjected to brainwashing during the national holiday (October 1), the Sixteenth Communist Party's national conference, New Year's Day and the two congressional conferences of China. He was detained for a couple of months each time.

Practitioner Mr. Duan Xianjun was taken away on March 4th and detained in the Huaxia hotel for over two months for forced brainwashing. He was detained in the Luoyang labor camp and was released in June 2002.

Ms. Zhu Xianzhi was abducted on March 6th. On the morning of that day, Ma Xianwu, the head of the "610 office" from Goushi town, Yanshi City went to Zhu Xianzhi's home, pretending to pay her a visit. Upon seeing that Ms. Zhu was not at home, he led two other personnel from the town government and two policemen, Zhang X from the county politics and security section, and the head of county "610 office" Han Guoqing etc. to forcefully take Ms. Zhu Xianzhi away without any evidence or legal reasons. Ms. Zhu protested and did not go with them. She seriously warned them that breaking into private residences without permission and arresting people without reason were against the law. They replied, "It's the order from top level, straight from Jiang's mouth. You have to go no matter what, you have to endure the persecution!" Although Ms. Zhu Xianzhi's daughter and her family tried to intervene, the wrongdoers finally took Ms. Zhu away. Having just been released after being illegally detained in the labor camp for a year and a half, Ms. Zhu was taken to a brainwashing class in Huaxia hotel. After two days of hunger striking to protest the brainwashing class, Ms. Zhu Xianzhi risked her life to escape. The oppressors utilized a lot of human and material resources to look everywhere for Ms. Zhu after her escape, and claimed that they will spend a couple of hundred thousand Yuan to get her back. They abducted her husband four or five times, illegally threatened her husband and her daughter, and disturbed her relatives, friends and other practitioners' homes. They also lurked around other practitioners' homes at night trying to catch her.

On the night of March 8th, Ms. Han Aifang and five other practitioners were watching truth-clarifying VCDs at home and were reported by ill-intentioned people. On the morning of March 9th they were kidnapped to Yanshi police department and were beaten and cursed at there. After Ms. Han Aifang was detained for a month, she was sentenced to a year of forced labor because they found some Falun Dafa books at her house. She is now detained in the Shibalihe labor camp. Everyone was fined 1,000 Yuan.

In mid-April, the perpetrators abducted 8 practitioners from Shouyangshan town. After they were detained for a month, the persecutors tricked them, saying that they would not look into their criminal liability if everyone paid 10,000 Yuan. As a result, the practitioners were released for a couple of days but were then sent back to Shibalihe labor camp for a year and a half of forced labor. Among those practitioners, the persons that we know the names of are Liu Sulun, Ren Jiao, Pang Sini and Pan Naiqun.

Practitioners Hou Huanfang and Hui Qin are still detained after two months in the Yanshi detention center because they did not pay the extortion money. The oppressors pressured them to either tell them where Ms. Zhu Yanzhi was or they would sentence them. Su Fen had 20,000 Yuan extorted.

The head of the "610 Office": Han Guoqing Cell: 86-13938816512 Office: 86-379-7730810

The president of Political and Judiciary Committee: Zhang Qinghua Cell: 86- 13838895986

The head of the police department: Zhi Jianzhao Cell: 86- 13903799308

The vice head of political and security section of the police department: Yang Juxin 86- 7717868

The main persecutors: Han Guoqing, Zhang Changbin

The list of person who participate in the persecution:

The head of the police department Zhu Laiguo; head of the political and security section Yang Xiaomin; Yang Juxin; Zhang Baomin; Ma Wei; Zhang Changbin; head of the "610 office" in Goushi county Ma Xianwu

Some relevant officers in Yanshi city committee: The president of city committee: Gui Yuqiang; Vice president of the city committee: Zhang Zhentao; mayor: Yuan Wentao; chairman of political consultation: Nui Weiqing (ex-president of Political and Judiciary Committee, cruelly persecutes Dafa practitioners)

Due to the strict blocking of news by the persecutors in Yanshi city, we could not provide all the details; the above information is only partial.