On August 31, 2002, police from the Cheng'an County Police Department illegally arrested 57 Falun Dafa practitioners. One of those 57 practitioners, Mr. Xun Ruilin was beaten to death shortly after he was arrested. Six practitioners were illegally sentenced to "re-education through labor." At present practitioners Xia Wenzhong, Li Sheting, and Zhang Meiqin, all over the age of 60, are still being illegally held at the county detention center. Information has been received that the police intend to illegally sentence these practitioners. As for the rest of the arrested Dafa practitioners, they were detained for 3 to 9 months. Each practitioner also had between 2,000 and 10,000 Yuan extorted from them..

Below are the facts of persecution taking place in other areas of Cheng'an County.

Chengguan Town: During the 16th Communist Party Congress and People's Congress meeting, two Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested and had several thousand Yuan extorted from them. A few other practitioners were sent to brainwashing classes.

Daodongbao Township: 10 Falun Dafa practitioners were illegally arrested. 20 practitioners had various amounts of money extorted from them, ranging from 2,000 Yuan to 5,000 Yuan per person.

Beixiangyi Township: 4 practitioners were illegally arrested. One of those four practitioners, Ms. Cao Zhihong was persecuted so badly that she developed a mental disorder. Six practitioners had money extorted from them, and some of them were forced to leave home.

Zhanghedian Town: 5 practitioners were illegally arrested, while eight practitioners had between 2,000 and 5,000 Yuan extorted from each.

People Responsible for Persecution in Cheng'an County:

Director of Cheng'an County Court: Shen Quanxi
Staff members in charge: Zhang Wanzhen, Su Ruifen

Postal code: 056700

Cheng'an County Party Secretary: Wang Haijian, 86-310-3016638 (home), 86-13831056999 (cell)
Chief of Cheng'an County Police Department: Li Zhide, 86-310-7280988 (home), 86-13903305666 (cell)
Deputy Chief of Cheng'an County Police Department: Lu Jianzhang, 86-310-7280968 (home), 86-13703302182 (cell)
Director of Cheng'an County Detention Center: Fan Weisheng, 86-310-7211464 (home), 86-13931042712 (cell)
Chengguan Town Police Station: Wang Xujun, 86-310-7211592 (home), 86-13831037999 (cell)
Daodongbao Township Police Station: Hou Dongfeng, 86-310-7259822 (office), 86-13503100438 (cell)
Zhanghedian Town Police Station: Zhang Yunhai, 86-310-7389168 (office), 86-13832085826 (cell)
Beixiangyi Township Police Station: Li Junshan, 86-310-7338518 (office), 86-13031461515 (cell)