In late May 2003, the Jinshui District Court in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province illegally and secretly sentenced three Dafa practitioners. They were Mr. Song Xu (from Zhengzhou City, sentenced for eleven years), Mr. Mei (from Guangzhou City, nine years), and Ms. Si Meie (from Zhengzhou City, three years). As the sentences were illegal, the court did not dare to inform any of the practitioners' relatives, nor did they dare to notify the public. All was done secretly. To this day these practitioners' relatives have not received any sentencing notices from the court.

When Dafa practitioner Song Xu was illegally arrested in November 2002 and taken to the Jinshui Police Station, he was not allowed to eat or sleep for the first few days. They tortured him with a kind of excruciating method called "bake the sheep upside down." The policemen took turns to brutally beat him. A short, stocky policeman among them was the most vicious. Song Xu held a hunger strike to protest. He was so weak that he could not stand up in court and had to be supported by sitting in a chair. Facing the crimes of these lawless officers in the court, he refused to answer any of their questions. He refused to admit to any accusation imposed on him under duress and repeatedly shouted, "Falun Dafa is good! The good will be rewarded with good, the evil will be met with evil!" According to the policemen on site, "He did not admit to anything!"

After this illegal sentence, the criminals carried Song Xu out of the court and sent him to a jail in Zhengzhou City, which is located at the Qiligang Concrete Plant, also called the 15th Team, about 1.24 miles to the east of Mi County, in Henan Province. The whereabouts of the other two practitioners are unknown.

To protest the illegal sentence, Song Xu had held a hunger strike for more than five months. He continued the hunger strike after being sent to this jail. It was said by the jail police that according to law, the jail should have refused to accept him based on the physical condition he was in when he arrived, but they ignored this and admitted him and continued his persecution. Song Xu has now been on hunger strike in this jail for more than 80 days. Since he was first arrested, he has been on hunger strike for eight months. Now his muscles are in atrophy. He is so emaciated that he looks like he only has skin left. His life is in danger. Everyday he can only lie on the floor of the cell, as his legs can no longer move. The jail doctor sometimes feeds him with soymilk or salt water.

Practitioners who happen to read this message, please send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil factors that persecute Song Xu, to thoroughly repel the evil arrangements of the old forces against Dafa practitioners.

Following are some facts of the persecution that Song Xu suffered in the Baimiao Forced Labor Camp in 2001.

On February 3, 2001, Song Xu, who had been forced to leave home and go from place to place in order to avoid arrest, was traced and kidnapped by plain-clothes police from the Political and Security Section of the Jinshui Police Station. He was sent to the Baimiao Forced Labor Camp of Zhengzhou City the next day and sentenced to a three year term. Song Xu went on a hunger strike immediately after being sent to this camp. On August 9, when Song Xu started to eat, the four team leaders Chen, Zhang, Pan, and Han Hongtao together threatened to force him into giving up his belief in "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance."

Song didn't yield. So the police started to impose vicious tortures on him. They tied ropes tightly on his hands and feet and fixed each end of the ropes to a metal bed, then inserted socks into his mouth. By pulling down the metal bed, they made him hang in mid-air for as long as nine hours. His feet were swollen, and the rope cut deeply into his flesh. His feet were so swollen that it was later impossible to untie the rope and the perpetrators had to use scissors to cut the rope. To heighten the abusive persecution, a vicious team leader even twisted his ankle very hard, which hurt Song Xu unbearably. During that period, Song could not relieve himself. When he was about to relieve himself (at that time it was winter with a temperature of only five degrees F), the policemen took off all his clothes and put him onto the concrete floor of the toilet. After he finished, the police found a wooden stick and harshly stabbed it into his rectum, then used a hose to douse him with water. Song's feet were injured from the rope, and were numb. He could not move one of his legs. Still, the police would not stop. They hit and kicked him every day. Because Song Xu refused to give in, team leader Pan poured salt and chili powder into Song's nose to torture him. The base police even pulled his pubic hairs one by one.

Phone numbers for the Qiligang Concrete Plant, also called the 15th Team (Little is known about it. It was said that many Dafa practitioners were detained here):

86-371-9829077, 9872694, 9811077
Prevention and Political Section: 86-371-9812642
Street address: 61 East Section, Songshan Road, Xinmi City, Henan Province, Zip: 452370
Mailing address: No. 9 of PO Box 841, Xinmi city, Henan Province

Judiciary Bureau for Zhengzhou City: Tongbai South Road
Switchboard: 86-371-7627960
Office: 86-371-7624714, 86-371-7618000, 86-371-7624723
Director's Office: 86-371-7639000, 86-371-7624703
Office of the "Governing the City with Law" working team: 86-371-7620588
Forced Labor Management Division: 86-371-7624730, 86-371-7624724, 86-371-7624694
Duty Office: 86-371-7633451, 86-371-7613204
Division Chief's Office: 86-371-7633496
Forced Labor Management Team: 86-371-7613200, 86-371-7875133
Reception of the team: 86-371-7875246
Duty Office for the team: 86-0371-7613204
Guards' Section: 86-371-7613205

People's Court for the Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City: 3 Zhengtong Street, Zip: 450002
Office: 86-371-3933713, 86-371-3936797, 86-371-3912055

July 12, 2003