We must pay attention to the issue of safety when clarifying the truth. This keeps us from being persecuted and it allows us to do long-term truth clarification. Many practitioners currently don't pay enough attention to safety. Some practitioners were careful at first, but they gradually became less guarded as time elapsed and nothing happened, or they think that as long as they have strong righteous thoughts, safety is not important. Why are many practitioners overlooking safety? Through discussions with other practitioners, I find there are three major causes:

The first cause is laziness. It takes more time and energy to ensure safety. When we are lazy, we don't want to do certain safety work. For example, writing fellow practitioners' contact information in phonebooks instead of remembering them, because we don't want to take the time to remember; using a fixed home IP address to get online instead of using a mobile IP addresses, because we don't want to go through the hassle to get an extra line. These things may be looked upon as convenient, and may improve efficiency, but in fact it shows the demon nature of status quo and inertia.

The second cause is that some people want to eliminate so-called "fear," and think they are admitting fear if they take safety seriously. Let's put aside the discussion of whether one really eliminates fear by not being careful--the fact is that doing Dafa work well is more important than showing you don't have fear! Only when we ensure safety can we do long-term Dafa work smoothly, and save more people. Don't regard proving your fearlessness as the top priority. If we don't pay attention to safety, the evil takes advantage of our other omissions and can still persecute us; besides, not taking safety seriously itself is an omission; this is not being responsible to Dafa, to other practitioners, and to people who are waiting to be saved. This mentality can be easily taken advantage of by agents from the Jiang regime. When they plot our capture, they can use the excuse of "getting rid of fear" to loosen our vigilance.

The third cause is that some practitioners think that studying the Fa well, sending forth righteous thoughts, staying steadfast, being fearless, and eliminating attachments are the best safety measures, so they don't pay attention to safety in the ordinary sense. On the surface, this thinking isn't wrong, but we are still practitioners who haven't reached enlightenment. Even if you think you have powerful righteous thoughts and have gotten rid of all attachments, that's only your feeling. Who can guarantee that you don't have any deeply hidden attachments that you are unaware of? As long as you haven't reached Consummation, you can't guarantee that you have no omission. If you don't pay attention to safety, when danger arises, the old forces may use your deeply hidden attachments to persecute you. Even if you broke free later with righteous thoughts, you would have already caused irreversible loss to Dafa, other practitioners, and yourself. We should therefore not take a risk and place ourselves in a dangerous situation. We must be responsible not only to ourselves, but more importantly to Dafa and other practitioners. We must pay attention to safety in this world while we study the Fa well and keep strong righteous thoughts.

Fellow practitioners: let us look inward and see if we have any of the above mentalities. Validating Dafa is very serious. The evil grows more frenzied the closer it gets closer to destruction. By taking safety seriously we can smoothly and effectively validate Dafa. Fellow practitioners, please point out anything inappropriate.