(Clearwisdom.net) On the 17th July Swiss Dafa practitioners, in order to commemorate their fellow practitioners who lost their lives during the persecution in China over the past four years, held a press conference in the capital, Bern, and marched toward the Chinese embassy to protest the brutal persecution and suppression of Falun Gong.

On 12th July 2003, Swiss practitioners invited people from the media and other communities to Federal Square in Bern to participate in a press conference. In order to commemorate the 751 victims of the persecution who have lost their lives, practitioners designed a "mourning wall" that is 42 metres long and 2.5 metres high. On the wall hung the photographs of victims before and after the abuse they suffered through the persecution. The "Mourning Wall" attracted many passers-by, reporters and tourists. The practitioners also demonstrated the five Falun Gong exercises.

At the press conference, the practitioners reviewed the brutal persecution of Falun Gong by the Jiang regime and related stories, such as SARS and Hong Kong's legislation of Article 23. The spokesperson of ACAT delivered a speech and the practitioners also read some supporting letters from a number of parliament members.

"Bring Jiang to Justice" was the theme of this activity. The practitioners mainly introduced the process of the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin in the United States and asked the media, the politicians and the general public to jointly bring Jiang and his henchmen to justice.

The entire activity was regarded as a public trial of Jiang Zemin and his henchmen in the court of morality. After the press conference, the practitioners marched to the Chinese embassy. Some of the practitioners stayed in the Federal Square and continued to introduce Falun Gong to passers-by and answer their questions. They also collected signatures for a petition and distribute leaflets.

The photographs of the victims on the "Mourning Wall" attracted and touched a lot of passers-by. Many people paid attention to the materials on the wall, which described the process of how the victims were persecuted to death. The whole wall has clearly made people realise the severity and scale of this persecution. Many people said,"I know you were persecuted. Yet we did not know the situation was that bad." The 900 plus photographs on the wall opened people's eyes and made them understand how serious this persecution has been.

The wreaths and flowers showed condolences for the victims. A gentleman asked, "Do you have the Chinese Embassy's address. We should stop them and strongly protest against such actions by the Chinese government." Many people surrounded the "Mourning Wall" and learned the truth. Some passers-by wanted to learn Falun Gong. The uniqueness of the "Mourning Wall" won understanding and support from many passers-by.

Source: http://www.clearharmony.net/articles/200307/13916.html