Ms. Li Shumin was about 30 years old and she worked as the head nurse at the Medical Center of the Second Medical College in Tianjin City. She was illegally detained at the 5th Brigade in Banqiao Women's Prison in Dagang. The prison guards constantly tortured her because she refused to give up her faith in Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance. She was only allowed to sleep for one hour each day, and was forced to do hard labor day and night while being subjected to beating and torture.

In mid January 2003, prison guards again forced Dafa practitioners to do hard labor running overtime. Dafa practitioners refused to work to protest. The guards resorted to brutality to force practitioners to work. They used multiple electrical batons to shock Li Shumin until they killed her. Her eyes remained open when she died. Her whole body was heavily bruised with blue and dark patches. There was heavy injury on the back of her head, yet the officials ridiculously indicated that the cause of her death was "sudden death!" The Chinese Dictionary classifies "Sudden Death" as: "In medical science it is a form of sudden death resulting not from brutal force, but rather by hidden but developing disease." How could a very healthy person who was brutally beaten to death be classified as having died of "sudden death?"

According to an eyewitness account, the prison guards took two Dafa practitioners away for interrogation. One practitioner was beaten and shocked until becoming unconscious. After she regained consciousness, she gave up the protest and was sent back to her cell. The other was Li Shumin, who was beaten to death on the spot.

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