On the topic of communication security awareness, some practitioners may have some thoughts that, outside of China, all we do as Dafa practitioners is clarify the facts and expose the evil. We are doing that with dignity, with reasonable and legitimate means, and we have nothing to hide. It is true that everything we do is saving lives with a benevolent mind, and we are doing benevolent deeds without selfishness. Every Dafa practitioner upholds righteous thoughts in his mind with dignity. But we must recognize that our understanding of Dafa is gradually increasing during our process of cultivation and during our process of validating Dafa. Non-practitioners may misunderstand some topics that practitioners understand; they may even feel shocked. In addition, Jiang's regime has sent many special agents abroad to persecute Dafa. Therefore, we should take responsibility for our fellow practitioners, for the people, and for Dafa. We should seriously pay attention to communication security.

The following are some brief discussions about some communication security aspects. The purpose is to generate good ideas from fellow practitioners and to raise our awareness on this issue:

1. Every word we say should validate Dafa, not cause others to misunderstand Dafa.

In many situations we communicate with e-mail and phone calls. In many countries, the government has the right to extract communication data from the e-mail service companies. Likewise, telephone communications may be monitored. If we do not cultivate our speech in our communication, and if we use some inadequate language from some attachments that have not been let go of, or if we use some over-simplified speech with inadequate phrases, it may cause everyday people to misunderstand us. Therefore, every Dafa practitioner should do his best to make his every word and deed at any moment, and everywhere, whether in public or in private, have the effect of validating Dafa and telling the truth, not to have negative effects. Dafa practitioners' words and deeds should manifest the truth that Dafa practitioners are responsible for society and for Dafa.

2. Prevent any shortcomings with righteous thoughts, and do not provide any excuses for evil to persecute.

The dictatorship in China uses all means to the extreme to persecute Dafa. Sources have disclosed that the "610 Office"* has sent many special agents overseas, spying everywhere for our information. Recently, information from China revealed that tasks have been assigned to the special agents to locate Dafa practitioners overseas who are responsible for organizing different projects. There are some problems among our practitioners that have been taken advantage of by those special agents. For example, with the attachment of showing off, or with an indifferent attitude, some practitioners chat with other unrelated practitioners in public or privately about "who works for Clearwisdom.net," "who is the web editor," and about the "inside information" of some projects, etc. When this kind of conversation is overheard or observed by those special agents, one is unknowingly helping the special agents to compromise important Dafa work. Even some practitioners who are responsible for organizing projects lack basic security awareness, have the attachment of fame and gain, or have excessive self-consciousness. These are hidden dangers to security.

When we uphold righteous thoughts and righteous deeds, we are saving those who spy for the persecution as well; they would either be assimilated or they would have to leave and therefore, they would not be able to act as the tools and accomplices of the evil persecutors.

3. Constantly cultivate speech and mind, and be unmoved by everyday people's emotion and mentality.

In our society, every person we meet is a person to whom we should explain the truth and save. We should deal with them with a benevolent mind. But benevolence is not naive. A small number of special agents were able to obtain the trust of some Dafa practitioners by taking advantage of practitioners' kindness and attachments; they then spied for information everywhere. Their behavior went beyond the issue of learning the truth about Falun Gong, and they caused negative effects for a long period of time. At the same time, our practitioners were not vigilant enough; when satisfying their own strong attachments, they were unknowingly providing information to those special agents.

For some of our practitioners who are responsible for organizing projects, instead of making time for their own peaceful cultivation, they kept themselves busy with routine work, did not study the Fa enough, did not look inside themselves enough for attachments, and could not let go of attachments for long periods of time. During cultivation in the Fa-rectification period, they still do not pay enough attention to studying the Fa. They like to instruct others, and do not read the experience sharing on Clearwisdom.net, or only read the information they need. They do not have enough truthful experience sharing with fellow practitioners. These practitioners are obvious targets; without righteous thoughts to back them up, they easily cause bigger problems in the area of security.

As a matter of fact, as a Dafa practitioner, it is not a difficult issue to improve security awareness and to guarantee the uninterrupted work of validating Dafa. The key to security awareness is related to personal cultivation. It is very unlikely that Dafa practitioners who are able to cultivate themselves and truly uphold righteous thoughts and deeds every moment will have security problems. Security problems are often caused when the person concerned and the people around him can not let go of an everyday person's mentality, do not persistently study the Fa well, do not control their thoughts and deeds consistently according to the Fa's requirements, and do not look at a problem from the basis of Dafa and Fa-rectification. This would bring losses to Dafa work, and also allows those who spy to remain under the control of the evil, to continuously commit crimes against Dafa and, as a result, to lose their chance of being saved.

* "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.

July 5, 2003