(Clearwisdom.net) On June 28, the Canadian capital of Ottawa held a "Support the Hong Kong People, Oppose Article 23 Legislation" rally and march. The organizations participating in the rally included "Democratic China of Ottawa," "Global Coalition Against Article 23," Montreal and Ottawa branches, "World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong," and people from all walks of life who are concerned about the Hong Kong Article 23 legislation.

Mr. Du from "Democratic China of Ottawa" gives a speech. Representative from Global Coalition Against Article 23 Ms. Cindy Chen speaks Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yang speaks to audience
Rally against Article 23 Rally against Article 23 Parade procession after rally

Article 23 Endangers both Hong Kong residents and overseas Hong Kong citizens

Before the rally, a reporter interviewed Mr. Du from "Democratic China of Ottawa." He said that Article 23 not only endangers residents who live in Hong Kong, but also all Hong Kong residents overseas. No matter where these Chinese are, or what their citizenship, Article 23 is harmful to them. Mr. Du said, "Let me use an example to show the severity of Article 23. The so-called Rebellion Crime has a detailed clause saying that if the people force the government to change its policy, this is rebellion. If the rally we are having today were to take place in Hong Kong after Article 23 is legislated, I, being the spokesperson, would have violated the Rebellion clause, and would receive a punishment of death or a life-sentence. And the audience--if you don't turn me over to the police, you will be sentenced to 7 years in prison."

Mr. Du also gave some examples of the Subversion Crime. "If we follow the government, we break the Constitution. If we insist on the rights stipulated in the Constitution such as freedom of speech, we will be regarded as subverting the government." He pointed out that the Hong Kong government deliberately mixes the concept of Government and Country and equates dissatisfaction with the government with being against the country. "According to Article 23, if Dr. Jiang Yanyong would oppose the government's hiding the SARS epidemic, this too would be considered against the country."

Article 23 is a shackle around the Hong Kong people's necks

Ms. Cindy Chen, a representative of the "Global Coalition Against Article 23," said that the Hong Kong government forced through the Subversion law in the name of protecting the future of Hong Kong, saying, "the law is not specifically aimed at one group or individual." If the law is what they claim, the Hong Kong people should cheer and embrace it. But why have thousands of people taken to the streets to protest it? Actually, it is a shackle around the Hong Kong people's necks that restricts freedom. "Around the Article 23 legislation, there is a battle between evil and righteousness. One party is the District Head who is not elected by the people. The other party includes Hong Kong media, human rights activist, businessmen, "the Conscience of Hong Kong" Ms. Chen, the Bishop of the Catholic Church, the Hong Kong people and all kindhearted people of the world." She continued to point out that "the results of Article 23 will affect the future of six million people in Hong Kong. This is also a challenge to our conscience and sense of justice." "The world hopes to use Hong Kong to turn Mainland China toward democracy and prosperity. For all these reasons, we must not let this small piece of land lose its freedoms."

Article 23 is Jiang's attempt to extend the persecution overseas

Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Yang said, "The Article 23 legislation is the Jiang regime's attempt to extend its persecution to overseas countries. As Falun Gong practitioners, we must step up to oppose it." He said the Jiang regime's persecution is no longer limited to Falun Gong practitioners, but also extends to practitioners' relatives, friends and even the people who support Falun Gong or regard Falun Gong as good. More and more organizations, governments and countries are stepping forward and working together to stop the persecution. In this situation, the Jiang regime attempts to block information from foreign countries to maintain its persecution in China. On the other hand, Jiang tries to extend the persecution to foreign countries. Hong Kong's Article 23 is clear evidence of such attempts.

Everyone has the right to know the facts of Article 23

Mr. Sam Lee from South Korea was interviewed by a reporter. He said, "I am not Chinese. I am a Canadian from Korean. Protecting human rights, freedom and democracy against a dictatorship and tyranny is not only a matter for the Chinese, but also for everyone who cares about human rights and freedom. Everyone has the responsibility to understand the facts regarding the violation of human rights in the Article 23 legislation."

A westerner passed by the rally and signed his name on the petition letter. He told the reporter that he had worked in Hong Kong before. He is a professor at the University of Ottawa now. He is very clear about the effects of Article 23 on Hong Kong's society, so he is against it. He said that Western society forgot Hong Kong after it was returned to China, so not many people know what Hong Kong is going through with this legislation. Fortunately, the Canadian government has expressed opposition to it. He hopes this will help the Hong Kong people.

This activity is one of the events organized by the Global Coalition Against Article 23. Similar activities were held in many large cities in the United States and Canada such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.