There is a giant billboard on the roof of the forced labor camp in Baoding City, Hebei Province. It reads "Strict Law Enforcement, Civilized Management." Let us take a look at the true nature of this so-called "Civilized Management."

1. Excessive workload

Falun Gong practitioners are forced to work up to 15 hours every day and fed only with low quality food. Occasionally the quality of the food improves, but this is only the case when people come to inspect the labor camp or when news reporters come for interviews. When those people arrive, the practitioners who courageously speak out to expose the evil in the forced labor camp are taken away and closely supervised, while a few carefully chosen former practitioners who turned against Dafa under torture are allowed to go out and sing praises of the labor camp.

2. Using all kinds of torture to try to force practitioners to give up cultivation

Thugs were carefully chosen from among prisoners to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. The prisoners who showed sympathy towards Falun Gong practitioners had their prison terms unreasonably extended. A prisoner from Beijing had his prison term extended simply for saying a few fair words about Falun Gong when filling out a form. He only said, "Falun Dafa is good, the practitioners are good people."

The prison guards implemented many torture methods to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. They tied practitioners spread-eagled to a bed and also in other fixed positions for long periods of time. The lack of circulation sometimes caused the practitioners to become disabled. The practitioners were also subjected to sleep deprivation, electric shock batons (dark purple burn scars were often seen on practitioners' necks and faces as a result of this torture), forced stand facing the wall for long periods of time and also to remain in a squatting position for long periods of time. Some Falun Gong practitoners' limbs went numb and suffered from paralysis as a result of the torture. As soon as a Falun Gong practitioner was chosen as a "target for reform" by the authorities, it meant that the practitioner had lost her right to sleep, as well as all human rights and dignity. In the female team, the longest time that a practitioner went without being allowed to close her eyes was 16 days. When the extremely sleepy Falun Gong practitioners couldn't help but to close their eyes, prison guards would use electric shock batons to wake them up, and used little wooden sticks to keep their eyes open. One Dafa practitioner was very firm and unyielding. After the thugs had exhausted their means to persecute her, they dared to dig out a piece of flesh from her vagina!

Later, the guards invented a new way to persecute Falun Gong practitioners. After tying up practitioners' four limbs, they punctured the sensitive spots of practitioners' feet with large sewing needles.

Female prison guard Li Xiuqin is especially vicious. She secretly ordered other prison guards and prisoners to persecute unyielding Falun Gong practitioners. The specific forms of torture used in the labor camp were designed by her and instructor Yan Qingfen. The persecution endured by every practitioner, including resulting deaths and disabilities, could be tied back to her and Yan Qingfen.

Prisoner Zhang Guohong, a drug addict, frequently ordered goons to beat Falun Gong practitioners. Practitioner Ms. Yuan Guihua was beaten up mercilessly everyday by Kan Chunjuan, who once nearly choked Yuan Guihua to death. Falun Gong practitioners reported this incident to prison authorities several times, but nobody bothered to investigate it. Later, Kan Chunjuan was even released early because of her "achievments" in beating up Falun Dafa practitioners. Zhang Guohong clamored: "You do not want to be reformed? We will use all kinds of torture to force you to reform. We'll make you squat until every one of you is paralyzed..."

Prison guard Chen Yaojuan once hit an elderly Falun Dafa practitioner in front of everyone, and then blatantly denying that she had hit anybody. She then handcuffed the practitioner. She once incited 5 or 6 prisoners to carry a practitioner off to an office and beat the practitioner unconscious. This caused the practitioner suffer a concussion, damage to her eyesight, loss of hearing in one ear, and numbness all over her body. When the practitioner wanted to sue the forced labor camp. Chen Yaojuan said: "If you dare sue, we'll put your whole family in a labor camp."

Prison guard Liu Ziwei frequently beat Falun Dafa practitioners at her whim and cursed at them.

Prison guard Chen Na often carried an electric baton to shock practitioners.

Prison guard Wu Wenshuang attempted to intimidate practitioners, claiming: "I'm here just to torture you."

Prison guards Bai Jie and Zhu Man have both participated in beating Falun Dafa practitioners from the beginning. Almost every practitioner has suffered beatings and torture at their hands.