During the lead up to the "16th Party's Congress," the police from Juancheng County illegally entered and searched the homes of all Dafa practitioners. They abducted Ms. Liu Yulan and Ms. Zhao Yali when they found Dafa books and material in their homes. Ms. Liu was detained and incarcerated for one week and had 3,000 Yuan* extorted from her. Ms. Zhao refused to cooperate with the illegal treatments and was detained for over two months before being transferred to Jinan City, where she was persecuted for over a month in a brainwashing class. Her family had over 10,000 Yuan extorted from them for the brainwashing "fee." She was released around Jan 25. The County Police also persecuted other Dafa practitioners in the area by holding brainwashing sessions.

In the lead up to the "People's Congress" this year, the county police again searched the homes of Dafa practitioners. They found one Dafa book in Mr. Li Shilan's home, and abducted him and his wife Wan Qiaolian, also a Dafa practitioner, to the Country Detention Center. Li Shilan had 2,000 Yuan extorted from him, and he was illegally detained for over two months. Wan Qiaolian was illegally detained for over three months and sent to two years of forced-labor. She was transferred to Jinan Labor Camp around July 1.

On May 28 of this year, county police kidnapped Dafa practitioner Chang Fuling, who is over 70 years of age. Chang was released on the day after the police extorted a 5,000 Yuan ransom. On the 29th, the police kidnapped Dafa practitioner Chen Xueyun, who is over 60 years old. Due to what appeared to be "high blood pressure" symptoms, she was released that day. The police, however, extorted a few thousand Yuan from her family afterwards. Around July 1 she was kidnapped again and incarcerated in the County Detention Center. She has now been "bailed out, awaiting trial."

Note: There was never a single docket for all the "fines" extorted from Dafa practitioners by the Juancheng County Police.

Appendix: Names and phone numbers of persons in responsible positions:

Vice County Party Secretary: Zhao Haoqing
Office: 86-530-2421806, Home: 86-530-2423622, Cell phone: 86-13305309662

Party Secretary of the County Political Committee: Feng Ruiqing
Office: 86-530-2420706, Home: 86-530-2421648

Vice Party Secretary of the County Political Committee ("610 Office" Director): Wu Fuxian
Office: 86-530-2421393, Home: 86-530-2420950, Cell phone: 86-13953030123, 86-13954019979

County Police Department
Switch Board: 86-530-2421374
Chief: Liu Yong, Office: 86-530-2413979, Home: 86-530-2403588, Cell phone: 86-13518609888
Deputy Chief: Liu Ruihua, Office: 86-530-2420372, Home: 86-530-2422176, Cell phone: 86-13853013266
Deputy Chief: Han Yingdian, 86-530-2420530, 86-13905307503
Deputy Chief: Liu Jitang, 86-530-2423635, 86-13181569688
Deputy Chief: Li Qin, 86-530-2424576, 86-13905403059
Vice Commissioner of the Political Committee: Luo Cuixia, 86-530-2424199, 86-13953038679
Chief of Discipline Control: Cao Hongfeng, 86-530-2421783, 86-13954077198
Chairman of Workers' Union: Bian Bangjun, 86-530-2420356, 86-13905403058
Chief of the Political Security Section: Chen Baodong, 86-530-2424367, 86-13954019986
Deputy Chief of the Political Security Section: Li Changyi, 86-530-2424256, 86-13705309901

* Yuan is the Chinese currency. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is 500 Yuan.