After being tricked into returning back home to Hebei Province from overseas, Liu Lifeng, a graduate student who worked at the Hebei Province Economic and Trade Committee, was kidnapped by the Hebei Province "610 Office"* and imprisoned in a brainwashing center. Mr Liu was subjected to forced brainwashing, and suffered terribly from relentless torture. But the treatment he was given could not, and did not, shake his firm belief in "Zhen-Shan-Ren" (Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance).

In the brainwashing center, there are many practitioners who like Mr. Liu, are solid in their cultivation. For this reason they are watched very carefully, and the torture methods used are extremely intense. They are restricted to their cells for many months at a time, Their food, if you could call it food, is brought to them. They are whipped and beaten and kept separated from other practitioners. They are deprived of sleep for long periods of time, ten to twenty days at a stretch. Practitioners are not permitted to have a bath or to shower, and they are forbidden from using the toilets. There are also undercover agents that act as practitioners, and try to brainwash them when their minds are exhausted. Under these hideous conditions the mind and body undergo extreme pain, and the mind suffers tremendously.

Other things that were done to Mr. Liu include shooting things into his eyes, twisting his ears, tugging and pulling his hair, and throwing him against the wall. When a Dafa practitioner feels sleepy, weak, and limp, two of the prison guards will drag him or her around to keep them awake, and also make them drink large amounts of alcohol. Photographs of the Teacher, Mr. Li Hongzhi, are put on the ground and practitioners are forced to step on them. Although Mr. Liu had been tortured terribly, he went on a hunger strike to show that he would not do as his captors wanted to protest against the illegal persecution. After several moths of this torture and persecution Mr. Liu's body was very yellowish and he had lost a lot of weight. The company that he had worked for told him to resign and his wife was forced to divorce him. His dear old mother and his young child are now living by themselves, and in fear.

In the brainwashing center there are other Dafa practitioners who are as determined as Mr. Liu. All of them underwent the same treatment. Dafa practitioner Zhang Yun, a police officer at the Luquan Jail, was also illegally taken to be "re-educated" and put into Shijiazhuang Labor Camp and Kaiping Labor Camp in Tangshan City. He was also a solid Dafa practitioner and refused to give in to his captors. After he had completed the illegal sentence he was then sent to the same brainwashing center where Mr. Liu was. Like the others he was deprived of sleep. One time, through sheer exhaustion, he stumbled and fell, and knocked two of his teeth out.

* "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.