(Clearwisdom.net) Canada's Minghui School in Ottawa was formally opened on July 5, 2003. For quite long time, Ottawa practitioners had been concerned that the young practitioners in Ottawa did not have a group cultivation environment. Now all the conditions have been met and practitioners here finally are able to provide a cultivation environment for the young practitioners so they could have group study and share their cultivation experience together so they could upgrade. This has been achieved through the guidance and compassion of our Master moving our practitioners hearts deeply.

Young practitioners studying the Fa (first class) Young practitioners meditating (second class) Young practitioners preparing for sending forth righteous thoughts

Canada's Minghui School in Ottawa bases its teaching on Falun Dafa. Young practitioners use the principle of Truthfulness Compassion Tolerance as the standard of their conduct. Emphasizing virtue and elevating Xinxing is utmost important for students. The students also practice Falun Gong, which includes five sets of easy and effective exercises to purify one's body and increase wisdom.

The class schedule of the school includes sending forth righteous thoughts, practicing exercises, reading Zhuan Falun and Hongyin, singing songs written by practitioners, watching movies, teaching traditional Chinese culture, learning Chinese, and experience sharing. On the first day, 5 children attended the class. Even though the children were usually quite active, when they read Zhuan Falun, they were all very serious and concentrated on their study. On the second day more parents took their children to the school. The youngest one was less than 5 years old and the oldest was 11. When they practiced the Falun Dafa exercises, their movements were synchronized with the music. Two 6 year-old corrected the movements of each other. When studying Fa, they read aloud together. The Minghui schoolteachers were so happy to see these children practicing Falun Dafa.

On the second class we added a morality class to guide children to cultivate diligently. Teaching children that in daily life every action should follow the requirement of a Dafa disciple; learn how to respect and consider others. Look inward when in conflict. Children have pure hearts and do not have many contaminated notions. They will assimilate the good things they are taught.

We realized that the establishment of each Minghui school is a heavy blow to the evil. Minghui school not only provides a cultivation environment for young practitioners but also the best approach and opportunity for young practitioners to participate in Fa rectification process and validate Dafa. We will do it well. We hope in the near future every corner of the world has a Minghui School.