May 20, 2003 was about the time when SARS was wildly spreading in China. The Jiang regime's effort to cover up the epidemic allowed this fatal disease to spread around the world. It was also a busy farming season. Due to drought, farmers were extremely busy. The police, however, still targeted Falun Dafa practitioners and their families in the rural areas for persecution.

On May 20, the captain of the security unit of a local police department, Gao Shan, came to Xiliyuan village with several police officers to arrest female Falun Dafa practitioner Bai Cuihua. At the time, Bai's husband was working out of town. With elders and small children in the family, Bai was the only one who took care of the rice field, the planting and irrigating of the farm. It was a lot of hard work. But the police insisted on taking her away during that critical period of time. Bai explained to the police that Falun Gong practitioners are all good people, and there is nothing wrong about cultivating truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance. Even the onlookers said, "How could she be wrong about that? They are good people." Then someone came and asked Bai to irrigate the field, but police would not let her. Bai's mother-in-law is over seventy years old. She was terrified beyond description. The police forcefully dragged Bai into the police car while the old woman begged in vain.

The police also kidnapped another female practitioner, Liu Shuge, through deceit.

Upon arriving at the detention center, these two practitioners were given a physical examination. Both of them had a high fever, but the police did not let them go. When they protested the lawlessness of the police through hunger strikes, they were brutally force-fed and were in great agony. During the detention, both of them started menstruating, only two days apart, but the police inhumanely ignored their request for sanitary napkins. Liu Shuge lost consciousness on two separate occasions at the detention center.

After reading this news, we hope our fellow practitioners and people around the world will utilize all methods to stop the police from doing evil deeds.

Political commissioner: Gao Xuelong, home: 86-314-6633042, cell: 86-13903247369

Captain: Gao Shan, home 86-314-6631501

Assistant Captain: Zhang Youjun, home: 86-314-6630858, cell: 86-13832419006