Practitioner Ms. Xu Hongzhen of Heilongjiang Province agriculture development bureau's Jiamusi liquefied fuel station used to live with her daughter Ms. Ma Xiaohua and her 15 year-old granddaughter.

One day in April 2002, the neighborhood committee and local policeman Wang Yueren came to her home trying to bother her. Ms. Xu and her daughter refused to open the door. Then the policeman and the neighborhood committee kept watch outside and illegally harassed her and her family. They were unable to carry on with their normal lives under such close scrutiny. The standoff lasted a week. Then when the granddaughter was coming home from school, the policeman and the neighborhood committee took advantage of that moment to force their way into the house and snatch Ms. Xu and her daughter Ms. Ma. When Ms. Xu Hongzhen was taken away, she did not even have a chance to put her feet into a pair of shoes. The policeman also illegally ransacked her house. So far Ms. Xu and Ms. Ma have been detained for more than one year.

Since July 20, 1999, the mother and the daughter have been detained and persecuted on three separate occasions and their house ransacked several times. Police and the neighborhood committee kept coming to harass them almost every day. Ms. Ma Xiaohua had been released after 19 days of hunger strikes on her second time in detention. But now a few months later, she was illegally taken away again and her 15 year-old daughter was left at home alone (Ms. Ma's husband passed away long time ago due to illness). The poor child has no income and physical means of support. She is suffering terribly economically, physically, and mentally.