Dozens of Dafa practitioners are detained in the Second Detention Center in Lanzhou City. There the practitioners are forced to do heavy labor work (such as picking melon seeds and picking Ox hair). Because Dafa practitioners Zhang Zhenmin and Zhang Jin resisted the slave labor, the head of the center and the head of the female division wanted to further torture them by putting shackles on their feet and handcuffing them behind their back. When the officer was cuffing Zhang Jin, practitioners Li Qiuxiang, Zhang Jingyun, Han Yuping, and Qi Lijun immediately tried to stop the torture. Instead of stopping the torture, the police used four more sets of cuffs to torture all six Dafa practitioners using the same handcuffing method. This torture involves cuffing the feet together and the hands together behind the back, then a piece of wire connects the chains of the foot shackles and the hand cuffs which are behind the back of the person. The person being tortured can only keep him or herself in the kneeling position, and cannot take care of him or herself at all. The police then put the practitioners out in the prison yard in the freezing temperature, did not allow them to lean against the wall, and did not allow them to use the bathroom. Li Qiuxiang could not hold her bladder during the torture; she was brutally beaten for that, and her left arm became paralyzed from the beating. Zhang Zhenmin's hands ulcerated because of the freezing cold.

Each of the six Dafa practitioners suffered inhumane treatment. The police tortured the six practitioners by shackling them in this position for over 40 days. When the cuffs were removed, the practitioners could not sleep for many days and nights due to severe pain from their limbs being shackled in such a position for extended lengths of time.

Partial name list of Dafa practitioners who are detained in the Second Detention Center:

Male Division:
Li Wenming (illegally sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment)
Wang Pengyun (illegally sentenced to 20 years of imprisonment)
Sun Zhaohai (illegally sentenced to 19 years of imprisonment)
Su Anzhou (illegally sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment)
An Xiwen (illegally sentenced to 10 years of imprisonment)
Wang Wenzhong, Yang Yinghai, Liu Zhirong, Wen Shixue, Li Fubin, Lu Yunfei

Female Division:
Li Qiuxiang
Yang Jingyun
Han Yuping (illegally sentenced to 3 years imprisonment)
Qi Lijun
Zhang Zhenmin
Znang Jin
Wang Ailan
Yang Qingru
Li Kuanfeng

July 8, 2003