Ms. Chen Liqun is a Dafa practitioner in Wenquan Area, Xianning City, Hubei Province. She has a new baby, less than one-month old. While clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa and the persecution on May 22, 2003, Ms. Chen was reported to the police. She was arrested and sent to the Maoershan Detention Center. She has been on hunger strike to protest the persecution she has endured.

On June 14, Chen was transferred to the Shayang Forced Labor Camp. There, the camp doctor diagnosed her with heart disease, so the camp refused to accept her for detention. However, Song Ruisheng and Du Zhiaiang, police officers from the Kaifa area of Xianning City bribed the staff in the camp and persuaded them to detain her.

Police officer Song Ruisheng -- Home Phone: 86-715-8254253; Cellular Phone: 86-13907249566

Hubei Province Shayang Forced Labor Camp: Second Woman's Team and Ninth Woman's Team

Original article date: 7/4/2003