Dear Ms. Wang:

I am cannot find the words to adequately express my sincere admiration and deep gratitude to Falun Dafa. I have never imagined that I could experience such a miraculous thing that has happened to me.

A few weeks ago, with my life full of puzzling misfortunes and illness, I met you. In the past 5 years, my family and I have been involved in three major car accidents. I could not help but ask myself, "Why?"

More recently, due to stress from work, school and life in general, my right breast became swollen and infected. My mom's breast cancer history caused me to panic more about my physical status. At that moment, you warmheartedly gave me two VCD's explaining the truth about Falun Gong and sincerely recommended me to at least take a look at the one entitled "Born Again" (about a person recovering from the trauma of a car accident by practicing Falun Gong).

Anxious with curiosity, I watched the video attentively. Listening to the narration by the characters in the video, somehow I felt more relaxed mentally and physically. After watching the whole VCD, I felt my usual pains much less.

You see, just the night before, I had to lie down flat on the bed not daring to turn my body around and woke up in the middle of the night with unbearable pain. But the night I watched the VCD, I had a sweet sleep all through the night without waking up, and sensed a reduction of about 90% in the pain I felt.

Since that night, I am able to turn over in the night. I could hardly believe this was true. At age 33, I have never blindly trusted what others told me. But this time, I had to trust my own feelings and senses. A miracle had happened to me! I told my mom all about it and she encouraged me to study Falun Dafa further. I thought that if just merely one single VCD showed so much power, then Falun Gong and the related books must have unimaginable power potency!

Ms. Wang, thank you so much for you're bringing me the chance to discover and practice Falun Dafa. I wish more and more other lost ones may see the light (like I did) and find the path a bright and healthy world!

I am fortunate and blessed to live in a free country so I can declare loudly without any fear, "I want to learn and practice Falun Dafa!"

Respectfully yours,

Someone helped by you

7/6/2003 at Toronto, Canada