July 2, 2003


On March 11, 2003, Ms. Dong Cuifang, a practitioner from Gaocheng City, Hebei Province, was transferred from the Beijing Shunyi Detention Center to Beijing's Daxing Women's Prison. Eight days later, on March 19, she died from torture at the hands of three policewomen.

Two days before Dong Cuiying's death, the three policewomen of Beijing's Daxing Women's Prison pushed her into a torture chamber. Dong Cuifang firmly told them, "I will never give up Falun Gong!" The three policewomen started to cruelly torture her. The torture made both of her legs severely swollen, and the area below her knees was festered and bloody. In her right shoulder, the muscle was torn from the bone. Her body was covered with bruises.

The head of Beijing's Daxing Women's Prison confessed that the three policewomen took away Ms. Dong for two days, but would not accept any responsibility for Ms. Dong's death.

Ms. Dong's parents requested a meeting with the three policewomen and planned to sue them in court. Those policewomen were so afraid, they did not go back to work. In the 49 days since Ms. Dong's parents filed the case in court, the three policewomen never returned to their jobs. Every day, four different police staff members worked hard to try to force the Ms. Dong's parents to withdraw the case.

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