Our attitude towards other people is related to the state of our being and it doesn't have a lot to do with other people directly. Master Li had said, "To cherish others is to cherish yourself" (Lecture at the Conference in New Zealand). When I did something wrong, Master Li would use his infinite compassion to endure for me and he would smile to encourage me and give me another chance to walk the righteous path and do well again. Master Li did not give up on us when we did anything wrong; what a great level of compassion that is! When we could not let go of a certain incident and even had different kinds of bad thinking about it; at the time, how bad our xinxing (mind nature) was.

An enlightened being's heart can assimilate everything and encompasses everything. This is the Fa's requirement and standard for all beings. When we completely want to treat someone well from the bottom of our heart, words cannot describe how happy and fortunate we are; that is the state of pureness and clarity and it is also the state of eternity and unselfishness; it is the intelligence that can understand everything and also the capacity of being able to accept all living beings.

Dafa enlightened beings' thought can recreate heaven and earth and can change everything. Therefore when we always use compassionate thoughts towards everything, aren't we already in the state of the new universe without selfishness and without self? Only by assimilating with compassion can we enter the new cosmos.

When cultivating among everyday people, everyone will manifest his/her imperfections; this is very normal. If we can think about others when encountering different opinions, aren't we already showing our own xinxing and level?

Cultivation actually does not need others' recognition or assurance; if everyone can be responsible and think for others more, then objectively the power of this one body can be utilized; to say it another way, when all of our xinxing have reached the standard, then this persecution would not be able to continue.

In the endless process of reincarnation, we gradually treated those developed notions as ourselves and our true self was lost. In our cultivation we need to find the true original self and find the pure self and therefore it is called "return to one's original, true self." Isn't how we treat other people or other people's matter the manifestation of our true xinxing? Other people or other people's matters will not become good or bad just because we say they are good or bad. When we treat other people, what percentage is from our own notion? We treat these notions as ourselves and these are exactly the things we need to remove during our cultivation. It is just like Master Li said, "In dealing with relevant, important matters, if a life can really assess things without any preconceived notions, then this person is truly able to take charge of himself. This clearheadedness is wisdom, and it is different from what average people call 'intelligence.'" ("For Whom do You Exist?")

The power of compassion is incomparably vast and benevolent. Compassion can change everything; even the worst beings will be dissolved or assimilated in front of a Dafa enlightened being's compassion. From Master Li's lecture "Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Vancouver, Canada, in 2003," my biggest understanding is that compassion can change everything and I experienced the new cosmos' compassion, which never before existed since the creation of the heaven and earth.