(Clearwisdom.net) In order to understand this experience I will tell you a little bit about myself: When it comes to education I am surely lacking in many areas. Math and spelling are not my fortes.áAs I became older I shied away from the technical things such as computers and electronic gadgets.áFor one they hurt my eyes and two I was thoroughly convinced that they drain your energy away, that they are not natural and therefore must be evil.

For many years and still to this day I have not watched TV. It must have been over 20 years now. I never had a computer. When I learned Falun Dafa, however, all of this changed. I had to get a computer and had to learn how to use cell phones and such.

When our state was asked to get the television series Pure Heart Clear Mind on the air, I was the one who was asked to do so. I went down to our local community cable station and asked if they would show the series. They said yes and did for a while. We even had people comment on how good the show was at our local events. Then I was told that it would be better if I took the producer's class so that I could then show the film, because they were short staffed and did not have the time. Plus the film needed to be in a different format so I would have to edit the film and so on.

I looked at Master's poster on my wall. I thanked Master for helping me expose my attachment of technical fear and said I will do whatever Dafa needs to be done and I will try my best to clarify the truth in whatever way Master arranged for me to expose the evil with whatever comes my way.

I could see as things went along all my attachments to not being so smart and not catching on quickly popping up very strongly. In the editing class this was very noticeable. It is not easy to learn all those buttons and knobs in just one night. In that same night you had to take the test and then you're on your own! I felt lost and frustrated and thought, how can I do a good job in this state?á I had so much to learn in such a short time and I really wanted to do a good job. I felt dismay.

At home my computer was very old and an interference nightmare. I used to be thankful when it was down. I realized the old forces were using this gap. So I thought that a new computer would help. I bought a better computer and a camcorder and then carefully looked into my gaps about technical equipment. Now I was in what I like to call technical overload. Everything was new and the computer was a different kind than my old one. It is an Apple, not a PC. I was really lost now and felt drained. On top of all this I still had much government work, VIP work to do, plus practice sites and jobs and many other things. I thought I needed some help with learning all this if I am ever going to make it. I thought this equipment is helping me expose the evil and it should no longer be interference, that this is just a by-product of science so why not use it well. I just needed a faster way to learn it all.

Help came. My teacher at the cable station while teaching a class said,á "If anyone has a Mac computer and would like some assistance you may ask me. I teach out of class tutoring." Wow! I just smiled. Master sent help and I was not going to pass it by. This person has helped me a lot and is very patient and knowledgeable. I am ever grateful. He learned about Dafa and I felt he was most fortunate. I thanked Master for his help.

I still do not know all the buttons and gadgets or all the software to make film and do all the production work, but at least know I am not in technical fear so much and am learning more everyday. More and more opportunities have come my way. Several producers have called wanting to do a feature film on Dafa. Time moves fast, so I do not want to miss any precious opportunities. I just hope I can do everything Dafa needs me to do and help save as many sentient beings as I can, and have the courage to break through from my shell of humanness and postnatal conditioning.

Through all of this I see the importance of breaking out of the shells of who we think we are and what we think our roles are. I could see that the roles I thought I should play did not apply to my new missions and that I would seriously have to break out of that shell if I were to have a greater part in Fa-rectification. I could see the old forces taking advantage of my gaps when certain environments intimidated me. My head would feel swollen and I felt like I was trapped in a cloud when I fell short and thought I could not do something. It would take along time to get out of this. Once I let go of any old thoughts of who I thought I was and who I thought I should think like, then I was fine.

The roles we play in society are in fact the roles we have become accustomed to and we take them as our true selves. These roles are not our true selves but just stepping-stones to higher realms. If these roles start to become our only self-image it becomes an attachment, a very hard attachment to break out of. It can also be looked at from a broader angle, as these roles are also the roles we play in the lawsuit against Jiang. We are the victims to everyday people. But we are not actually the victims, we are the salvation to everyday people. We as practitioners need to break out of these roles and create new roles to save sentient beings. Once we break out of these set roles completely we help everyday people break out of their roles and see the truth in a new way.

America, Europe and Australia are countries that also play roles on a broader plane and these roles should be looked at carefully as well. What role is America playing and how can it change this role to assimilate with the Fa? We must try to break out of roles using our infinite wisdom established in Dafa cultivation. When I step away from my old image of myself, I can change my role and use what I have been given and whatever comes my way to validate Dafa. A whole country can do the same thing, as its role is not set in stone. When we do government work we can help those officials break out of their roles if our roles are broken through. When we expose the truth through the media and other outlets to the general public we help everyday people break out of their roles and how they view society. For example: I met a lady and told her about Dafa, and she said: "At last a real pure way of seeing the world." Dafa can break through the tainted image or role that society plays for people.

I worked as a sales clerk and did various kinds of other jobs. Now I am a business owner and a landlord. I have participated in the project of clarifying the truth to the government officials, including my congressmen. I am now doing film. Through all of these roles I have met different people from all walks of life and I have explained the truth about Dafa to everyone. I try to never look at them in their set image in society or how important their roles are but as beings waiting to be saved. Once we take our role coats off we are all just naked beings with hearts exposed.

That breaking out of roles and not being attached to certain roles is being in harmony with the Fa.