In China, the authorities in Zhoukou City, Henan province were told to start a new cycle of persecution against Falun Gong. Many related organizations passed on the request for supporting and carrying out the latest command to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. It was reported that the higher levels received the secret order via e-mail from the top that stated, "delete after reading". Then they relayed the order verbally down the chain of command. When the secret order came to the working troops, it was said that, "Previously we were busy dealing with SARS, now we have time so we should take care to punish Falun Gong." Another implication of the order was, "No need to follow any laws in dealing with Falun Gong." Actually Jiang and his associates have never cared about any law in their persecution of Dafa and practitioners.

In recent months, many practitioners in the Chuanhui section of Zhoukou City have been taken away by the police without reason. In breaking into and searching the houses, some policemen could not find anything for an excuse, so they had to let a few practitioners go. But for having Falun Gong materials at home, practitioners Ms. Wang Xiu, Ms. Zhang Huarong, Ms. Wu Guifang, Ms. Guo Lanying, Mr. Chen Darong were all thrown behind bars. In the past, Ms. Zhang Huarong had been illegally sent to a forced labor camp. Ms. Guo Lanying had been unduly detained two years and released at the end of 2002. Ms. Wu Guifang had both arms crippled by torture from policemen Li Yuzheng and Huang Jinqi. Ms. Wu and Ms. Guo are senior citizens. Meanwhile, Ms. Wang Xiu and Mr. Chen Darong have been suffering from various degrees of police harassment and persecution. Currently, Ms. Wang is being detained out of town at Shenqiu detention center and the other four practitioners are detained at Zhoukou City detention center.

Practitioner Mr. Zhong Jie, who was illegally arrested in November 2002, is now also detained at Zhoukou City detention center. Another local practitioner, Mr. Zhang Siying has been unduly detained at the Zhoukou Interrogation Station for almost three years.