May 31, 2003


I'm a relative of Mr. Li Xinze. Li Xinze had a strong body, yet a year ago he passed away as a result of the persecution in the Xinhua Labor Camp in Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, only because he practiced Falun Gong and was trying to become a good person.

I spent 9 months and a large amount of money to investigate and interview people from over 8 cities and counties who were recently released from the Xinhua Labor Camp. They told me how Li Xinze was killed in the 3rd Team of the 6th Unit of the Xinhua Labor Camp. Below are their stories.

A: I was one of the people in the 3rd Team of the 6th Unit who were responsible for monitoring Falun Gong practitioners. On the 10th of April 2002, the labor camp started a new round of harsh punishment of Falun Gong practitioners, and Li Xinze was one of the many being persecuted.

B: Back then, the Team Leader Deng Gang, Deputy Team Leader He Xuelin, Sub-team Leaders Liu Xingyuang and Mr. Huang and guards Yang Xiaolong and Mr. Hu held daily meetings for the leaders of the criminals. The aim was to guide these "backbone perpetrators" to use various methods to persecute and "transform" Falun Gong people.

C: Li Xinze was very determined in his belief and had a very strong body, therefore each day there would be five or six inmates who would torture him physically and mentally.

D: In August 2002, they began torturing Li Xinze again. Everyday he would only be allowed to sleep at 4:00 a.m. in the morning. Guard Hu said: "Torture him to death. If he does not transform, I will take the responsibility for his death!" Team Leader Deng Gang, Deputy Team Leader Hu Xuelin and Sub-team Leader Liu Xingyuan took turns ordering criminals to persecute Mr. Li.

E: We cannot believe their story of Li's death. Team Leaders Zhao and Deng Gang, and Section Chief Yu should know the full story the best.

As Li Xinze's relatives, we will definitely find out the cause of Li's death and bring those criminals to justice!