After meeting different colleagues at my new place of work, I started to clarify the truth to them one by one. I'd like to share one thing that made me truly understand that Teacher's Mercy and Compassion can be seen everywhere.

A few days ago I was looking at the computer on my desk and thinking it would be great to be able to play some music composed by Dafa practitioners, however the computer did not have any speakers.

A few days later, for no apparent reason, my boss asked the technicians to install speakers on my computer. Out of the 11 computers in the office, mine was the only one with speakers. I started to download practitioners' music from the Internet, and play it during my lunch break. I was a bit scared to play Dafa music so I didn't play it too loudly. Then some of my colleagues said, "That music you are playing is really good."

On the next day before lunch they said, "Please play some of that great music you had yesterday; nothing else, just what you had yesterday."

After lunch today when I was coming back, I could hear some beautiful music coming from inside my office. I am not sure of the name of the song, however the words coming out went like: "A God's promise is being fulfilled ......" I thought to myself, this is Teacher's great Compassion and the power of Dafa. I could feel this truth inside of me. It is the good side of people that long for the truth of Dafa and for the opportunity to be saved. I believe that when they are listening to Dafa music of their own accord, they are truly choosing their own destinies.