(Clearwisdom.net) On June 28, the "Global Coalition Against Article 23" organized a march and press conference in London against Article 23 and to support the Hong Kong people. Many British people who care about freedom and democracy in Hong Kong and its future participated in the activities.

About 1:20 pm, people rallied in front of the Chinese Embassy in London for a press conference. Former diplomat Lord Thurlow, Vice president of Friends of Falun Gong of Europe Mr. Jone-Dee, and Ms Ye from Hong Kong made speeches at the conference that condemned the Jiang's regime's pressuring the Hong Kong government to pass Article 23, which is harmful to Hong Kong's democracy, freedom and prosperity. They called on the people of the world that love freedom and democracy and care about the people in Hong Kong to support the efforts against Article 23 legislation and to save Hong Kong from being a victim of China's dictatorship.

After the press conference, the march against Article 23 started from the Chinese Embassy in London and moved through crowded streets in shopping areas and ended in Chinatown. When the procession passed the famous Oxford street, many westerners and Chinese carefully read the banners and asked for flyers. Many British people already know about the Hong Kong Article 23 legislation. No matter if they were Chinese or westerners, they all smiled to show their support.

When the parade arrived in Chinatown, it caused wide attention. A westerner who works at a company in Chinatown said, "This is great! For Hong Kong, thank you!" The procession walked around Chinatown three times, continuously broadcasting through a louder-speaker to the people, "Hong Kong needs freedom. Hong Kong does not want Article 23. Stop Article 23 legislation immediately." A lot of flyers were distributed. One Hong Kong lady shopping in Chinatown even warmly hugged the 3-year-old boy leading the parade and repeatedly praised his courage and efforts.

Ms. Xia, who organized this event, said that when they heard Hong Kong was planning a grand march against Article 23 on July 1, the "Global Coalition Against Article 23" organized this activity in London UK. The purpose was to support the Hong Kong people, to express the will of overseas Chinese for a free Hong Kong, and to protect its prosperity.