(Clearwisdom.net) A representative of Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi, Congress's Democratic Party leader, attended a rally and parade against the Article 23 legislation in San Francisco and read a letter from Ms. Pelosi supporting freedom in Hong Kong.

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On June 26, the US Congress passed HR 277 EXPRESSING SUPPORT FOR FREEDOM IN HONG KONG. Congress's Democratic Party leader Nancy Pelosi was one of the sponsors of the resolution. Ms. Pelosi said in her letter that she supported President Bush's strong stand against Article 23 last Thursday. She said that the Sino-UK joint declaration guaranteed Hong Kong's basic freedom and rights; however, in just five short years, the freedoms of information, association and belief are being threatened.

The US Congress needs to let Hong Kong and China understand that the US is seriously concerned with any attempt to overthrow the joint declaration that guarantees basic human rights.

Ms. Pelosi said Hong Kong's Article 23 legislation allows the Beijing government to decide whether a group is legal in Hong Kong and what voices can be heard.

She said it will threaten Hong Kong's autonomy and information flow; however the latter is just one of the factors that guarantee the Hong Kong economy's prosperity.

President Bush had issued a statement that the Hong Kong area's autonomy and protection of human rights and civil rights are prerequisites for US support for Hong Kong's special status according to Hong Kong's policies and laws. The US is against any legislation, including Article 23, that threatens Hong Kong's autonomy.

Ms. Pelosi said in her letter that she hoped the Hong Kong and Beijing governments consider the seriousness of these words and change their minds, keep their promises and protect the Hong Kong people's freedoms.