(Clearwisdom.net) From 12:30 pm to 5 pm June 28, 2003 the "Toronto Against Hong Kong Article 23 Legislation" car parade drove through busy streets and shopping centers in Toronto. The activity was organized by "Global Coalition Against Article 23 Legislation", "Democracy Association", and "Hong Kong Canada League". The point of assembly was a park in Scarborough.

Drivers participating in the car parade Vice president of Hong Kong Canada League Mr. Li Shude and Representative Mr. Wu Jiantao from Global Coalition Against Article 23 Legislation Car parade assembly site.

The organizer said the July 1st Against Article 23 Grand Parade might be the last parade in which the Hong Kong people could freely participate. If people don't take the last chance, they will have regrets in the future.

Before the parade of over 60 cars started out, the Vice President of Hong Kong Canada League, Mr. Li Shude, and Representative Mr. Wu Jiantao from the Global Coalition Against Article 23 Legislation, Hong Kong Citizen Amy Ye and Mr. Fan Jiazhong from Taiwan spoke to the audience and media. Next, cars were divided into four groups and headed into major Chinese residential areas in Toronto.

The organizers also called on the Canadian government to express concern over the Article-23 legislation. The Foreign Minister, Mr. Bill Graham, said on June 23 that the Canadian government has a deep concern over Article 23 because the law blurs the difference between a subversive organization that is harmful to Hong Kong one that is subversive to China. China was urged to revise the rule so as to demonstrate the fact that Hong Kong must have the ability to define what a subversive organization is for itself, and not simply inherit the definitions given by China.