(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Qiliang, in his 40s, is a resident of Dongan District, Mudanjiang City, Heilongjiang Province. He was an art worker in the Mudanjiang Brick Factory. Shortly after the start of the persecution on Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, he wrote a letter to the city administration office to describe the goodness of Dafa. However, he was illegally detained in Mudanjiang No. 2 Detention Center and persecuted. Later, he was sentenced to one year of forced labor and was put into a labor camp in 2001.

During the period of illegal forced labor, the guards relentlessly persecuted him. They constantly let other inmates monitor him, beat him and strictly control him. In that period, he became very skinny.

When guard Li Longyu persecuted Li Qiliang, he absolutely did not cooperate with him and refused to do anything to compromise his belief, such as writing letters to renounce his belief or listen to propaganda sessions etc. Li Longyu and Zhang Junrong then asked him to "have a talk" with them. They intentionally asked the other inmates to hold him in the office every day, and instigated the criminal inmates to beat and maltreat him. One day, there was a "reform meeting." Li Qiliang firmly refused to go there, so he was carried to the site by force. When he was resisting the persecution and shouting, "Dafa is good," the guards choked his throat and covered his mouth, and carried him out of the meeting place to beat him further. Just because he refused to give up his belief and did not compromise, the guards claimed that he had a mental disease and sent him to a mental hospital for further persecution. However, they did not succeed. After he was detained for one year and eight months, Li Qiliang walked out of the labor camp with dignity. Later, he was once again put into the labor camp and has been under persecution until today.

In the same labor camp, Dafa practitioners Guan Rian and Zhao Yansen suffered a mental collapse due to the terrible torture and were sent to a mental hospital.

June 24, 2003