Inside Story of the Evil "610 Office" in Qingdao City, Shandong Province

The Qingdao City "610 Office" (an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems) is located at 34 Mingxia Street, Northern District in Qingdao City, postal code 266000. Its public front is "Qingdao City Massage Vocational Training Center." The second, third and fourth floor of the building are surrounded with metal bars.

Several key deputies:

Wang Hongjun, ex Head of the 2nd Department at the Qingdao City Public Security Bureau, frequently slandered Falun Dafa.

Geng Shixiang, ex Deputy Political and Judiciary Secretary in the Northern District of Qingdao City.

Sun Tongtai, Sun Guimin, Division Head Mr. Wang of the Procuratorate Office, Hu Jun, and Director of City's Women's Federation Ms. Xiu.

This "610 Office" continuously transfers division level officials from the Qingdao City government to this office. The "610 Office" subjects them to intensive training and brainwashing in order for them to in turn poison other people. They focus on making practitioners detained there accept false information and forced them to attend brainwashing classes, played video programs over and over as part of the brainwashing effort, and continuously talked to practitioners in an attempt to make them give in and accept the brainwashing. Even though they insisted over and over that their aim was to educate about lawful procedures, no one could point out which law permitted the "610 Office" to arrest Dafa practitioners and detain them indefinitely; they did not have the right to force Dafa family members to suffer the pain of broken families.

In the Qingdao "610 Office," each instructor assistant was assigned to monitor one Falun Dafa practitioner. Talking among Dafa practitioners was strictly forbidden. Often it just takes a sentence or two to expose the truth of what they are up to, so they did their best to make sure practitioners didn't say anything against their propaganda.

Furthermore, together with Lu, Dong and other deputies, Hu Jun often conducted rigorous searches of practitioners' personal belongings when they were in brainwashing classes. They thoroughly searched everything from regular living necessities, clothes, even wastebaskets in order to determine that no Falun Dafa articles were secretly passed on between practitioners.

Practitioners under detention now include Zhang Wanxia (female), Yu Xiujuan (female), Gao Mingxia (female), and Li Huiyan (female). Gao Mingxia had been detained for more than one year. Others had been under detention for more than half a year, and none of them had a chance to spend the 2003 New Year with their families.

This "610 Office" is often used by various levels of government officials from political and judiciary branches, public security bureau, and other "610 Offices" to secretly plan further persecution of Dafa practitioners. They often called this "610 Office" the "Base."

The "610 Office" annual lease cost more 100,000 Yuan, and its interior decoration matches that of a high-class hotel. Various office expenses amounted to more than 300,000 Yuan. Many workers have been laid off in Qingdao, and they become quite upset when hearing that so much money is used to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners while they don't have money to feed their families.

Qingdao City Public Judiciary office, Rules and Means Office, Women's Federation, National Security, and even Residential Association Office would periodically send their officials to work at the "610 Office."

At present, the environments at most of the suburb areas and villages surrounding Qingdao City have steadily improved, and many areas have reached the state where Falun Dafa practitioners can meet semi-publicly to read Falun Dafa books together, share experiences and do the exercises. The evil forces have contracted towards the city, and mostly they now concentrate at the "610 Office" and labor re-education camps, the dark dens where the evil forces still persecute Dafa practitioners.


The Inside Story of the So-Called Qingdao City Public Security Bureau "Anti-Cult Department"

Qingdao City Public Security purposely formed a so-called "Anti-Cult Department," with specific objective of persecuting Dafa practitioners.

Its main officials:

Department Head: Qi; Deputy Head: Zhang Yong.

Wang Mingzhe: cell phone #: 86-13001668317; Sun Xiaodong: cell phone #: 86-13505032866; These two were directly responsible for the illegal arrest of most Qingdao City Dafa practitioners.

Chen Dong is the computer section head with specific responsibility of Internet monitoring.

Section head Cheng was the ex Qingdao "610" Base supervisor.

Section head Sun (female) was responsible for monitoring Dafa practitioner's cell phones and pagers.

This "Anti-Cult Department" not only persecutes Dafa practitioners, it also puts other Qigong and churches under clandestine surveillance and conducts abductions.

We ask that the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, as well as other Human Rights organizations investigate the "610 Office" and the above stated criminal activities.


Internal Anti-America Propaganda

Many of the internally circulated National Security documents among Chinese National Security Bureau (NSB) personnel contained purported "group photos" of the Falun Gong founder and U.S. government officials, and had been widely distributed and viewed by NSB and Public Security Bureau (PSB) people. To the best of my knowledge, they did not dare to publicize such photos because the "group photos" were all synthesized with computers. They were afraid that such base deceptions could be easily exposed, so they assigned those photos as "Internal Secret Documents" to deceive their own NSB and PSB people.

Yet, these photos were quite convincing to the police and security people, and they truly believed it without any doubt. Because I have met many of them and they were quite "anti-American." Whenever the United States was mentioned in the conversation they would invariably add on the phrase "Anti China Establishment." They accepted the fake photos, and this is the direct result of long time brainwashing and propaganda.