(Clearwisdom.net) It is well known that Dafa saves all sentient beings. Below are a few things that happened to my fellow practitioners, validating the greatness and magnificence of Dafa.

1.Aunt* Tang's husband died in an accident while driving his motorcycle drunk. To makes matters worse, Aunt Tang has three teenagers and her in-laws to look after. In such a difficult situation, she lost her courage to lead her life and contemplated suicide. At the time when she was desperate, while walking in a park, she happened to hear some wonderful music. Becoming anxious, she tracked the music down and found it was the music of Falun Gong. This is how she obtained the Fa. She raised the sail on her boat of life again and said,"If it were not for Dafa, I would have been gone a long time ago."

2. My aunt is 81 years old, and she and her daughter are dependant on each other. My aunt was not in good shape, and her family even prepared for her death. She also felt that her health condition was rapidly deteriorating day by day. One day, when my husband went to see her, he told her a story about how a sick senior citizen had benefited from supporting Dafa. The story of doing good deeds for Dafa and receiving good rewards shocked my aunt. Since hearing it, whenever she saw truth-clarification material, she would take them and take good care of them after reading them. Last year, when the flu was prevalent, all her family members were sick except for her; she only had very mild symptoms. She realized that her immune system was supposed to be the weakest and that she should have been very sick. She understood that her good health was a result of supporting Dafa. Therefore, she asked her daughter to borrow Dafa books from us and learned the exercises.

This senior citizen has read Zhuan Falun 10 times over, in addition to reading other Dafa books. This year she started experiencing the elimination of karma, and went to the washroom over ten times per night. Each time, she had black blood in her stool, and every time there was a lot of it. When we went to see her, she looked great and her face had a fair complexion. She said she had black blood in her stool overnight, but had she not had Dafa in her heart, she would have been scared to death. She said to us with a lot of excitement: "Dafa has prolonged my life!"

3. Aunt Wang had only one son who, unfortunately, died at an early age. So she shouted her son's name all the time, and most of time her mind was not very clear. She felt that to die was better than to live. After she understood the principles of the Fa, she started reassessing her life and looked at it from a positive angle. Gradually, she got out of her tribulation, and from then on, she treats the Fa as the teacher, and practices Dafa diligently. She always says, "It is Dafa that saved me."Her husband also said, "Without Dafa, she might not be here today."

*In Chinese, the term "aunt' is a term of endearment used to refer to a woman of an earlier generation than the speaker.