(Clearwisdom.net) On May 21, 2003 around 11 a.m., officers from Guancheng District Police Department kidnapped practitioner Quan Peijian from his home. They forcefully entered his house, ransacked his home and confiscated 101 truth-clarification CDs and a lot of printed materials. The police also abducted Quan's wife. Quan's wife is being accused of aiding a criminal (Quan), and has been illegally detained in Hanghai Road Detention Center in Guancheng District. Quan's whereabouts are unknown.

We hope that practitioners reading this urgent situation will send righteous thoughts to clear out the bad elements that are incurring the persecution of these practitioners.

There is news of a document issued by the Central Henan Provincial Party Committee to the City and other regions that is laying out plans for another round of persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. Zhengzhou City Council has forwarded this document to other departments together with its own memorandum.

Organizations and individuals responsible for the persecution:

Henan Provincial Police Department: 86-371-5963394; Operator: 86-371-5991155

"610 Office" of Henan Province, Operator: 86-371-5963355 Manual Transfer); 86-371-5991155 Automatic Transfer);
Head of ?sup>o610 Officeí : Li Jianzhong 86-371-5963355 ext.23171 (residence)
Deputy Head Li Pingqi female 86-371-5963355 ext.23603 residence
Office Head: Wang Shaoyu 86-371-5831085

Address of Henan Judicial Office: 8, Jingsi Road, Henan, Postal Code: 450003
Reception Office: 86-371-5909600

Address of Zhengzhou City Police Department: Suite 110, North 27 Road, Postal Code: 450000.
Zhengzhou City Police Department: general enquiry: 86-371-6222023; 86-371-6228710

Address of Zhengzhou City Political and Judicial Party Committee: 67, West Zhongyuan Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, Postal Code: 450007

Address of Guancheng District Party Office: 217, Shangcheng Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, Postal Code 450000

Guancheng Governmental Office: 86-371- 6226293

Address of Guancheng Political and Judicial Party Committee: 217, Shangcheng Road, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, Postal Code: 450000
District Court: 86-371-6223592
District Prosecutor: 86-371-6223934
Judicial Bureau: 86-371-6245787

Guancheng District Police Department, Operator: 86-371-6222746
Head of the Department: Wang Jianzhong 86-371- 6216199
Political Committee Member: Wu Zhiliang 86-371- 6259366
Deputy Head: Ma Yiwen 86-371-6239187
Deputy Department Head: Zhang Jun 86-371- 6247237
Deputy Department Head: Du Zongyu 86-371- 6255990
Deputy Department Head: Wang Baoyou 86-371- 6255662
Deputy Department Head: Wang Yurong 86-371- 6247227

Judicial Office, Guancheng District Police Department
Head: Zhang Xiaobei 86-0371- 6229936---26021
Counsellor: Mao Guangcai 86-371-6227080 ext.26020
Deputy Head: Wei Yongqiang 86-371- 6227080 ext.26020
Deputy Head: Wei Zhongwei 86-371- 6227080 ext. 26020

Quancheng District Police Department Interrogation Office
Head: Chen Zhou 86-371- 6227180 ext.26026
Counsellor: Song Hongxiang 86-371- 6227180 ext.26027
Deputy Head: Ji Guocui 86-371- 6227180 ext.26024
Deputy Head: Deng Chaoyuan 86-371- 6227180 ext.26024
Deputy Head: Jiang Xiaohui 86-371- 6227180 ext.26025

Quancheng Detention Center: 86-371-6825094