(Clearwisdom.net) We now know that SARS has spread all over China. Jiang Zemin wanted to put a window dressing on his tyranny while the 16th People's Congress and two important conferences, the National People's Congress and the Political Consultation Conference, were happening last year. Consequently, he covered up the epidemic that was unfolding. The Director of the Health Department was later dismissed for covering up the SARS situation. However, he was just a scapegoat that had been ordered to lie to the public. Luckily for the rest of the world, Dr. Jiang, a physician at the People's Republic Hospital, exposed the real situation and thus received respect and appreciation in mainland China and overseas for helping many people to escape this plague that was being hidden by the lies and deceit of China's current government.

American citizen Dr. Charles Li wanted to expose a worse plague in China, which was also covered up by Jiang's regime: the persecution, torture, and killing of Chinese citizens who believe in Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. This contagious and lethal "political plague" is no less of a threat than the SARS virus. The police officers, acting as the Jiang regime's hatchet men, have already murdered 720 of China's Falun Gong practitioners and brutally tortured and persecuted countless others. However, none of the officers have been punished and not a single atrocity has been reported by the media in China. On the contrary, the media, supported by civilians but forcibly controlled by the dictator, has heartlessly portrayed the brutal torture and persecution as the "salutary influence of re-education." It rewards the criminals and encourages the committing of crimes. The Jiang regime's police officers cruelly persecute Falun Gong practitioners, and also unscrupulously hurt other innocent people in China; any person could become the victim of their atrocities. The injustice to one is the injustice to all.

We recently read about a college student, last name Sun, who was beaten to death by the police because of a temporary resident permit problem. Since Sun was a college student, his story was exposed on the Internet. But we may wonder how many civilian workers have been brutally tortured to death by the police for their temporary resident permit problems that haven't been publicized. We also read about a female college student, Liu, who was detained by the National Security Bureau because she published a few extremely mild "Liberty Group" articles on the web. Her whereabouts are unknown. Then we read about a webmaster, last name Wang, that was sentenced to 5 years in prison because he posted a few articles criticizing the tyrannical dictator on his website. During his imprisonment, he suffered harsh humiliation and severe violence from the prison guards. There are a lot of examples like these. Under the dictatorship of Jiang, the plague of tyranny has indulged in willful persecution all over China, and no one knows how many innocent lives have been lost or how many people no longer have freedom or basic human rights.

What Dr. Charles Li wanted to do was expose the Jiang regime's crimes to the light of day. Usually, evil forces hide themselves and are afraid of sunlight. Exposing their crimes is the most effective way of stopping the spread of crimes. If the facts of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners are widely exposed in China, the rights of Falun Gong practitioners will be vindicated, and the Chinese people's rights will also be vindicated. All Chinese people would benefit from this.

June 3, 2003