Ms. Shao Guimei emerged from the evil den after nearly two years of detention. However, just a few days later, her own sister, who has been deceived by the slanderous lies and completely lost her human nature and forcibly sent Shao Guimei back to the detention center.

Ms. Tian Shuhua was detained unjustly for over a year. After the detention, she was again sent to Shibalihe for another year in a labor camp. She was beaten brutally many times. When she was released after completing her prison term, she could not read, walk, or take care of herself. Despite her health condition, she was arrested again and taken to the Xiangcheng Detention Center for two months on December 19, 2002, just a few days after she was taken back home from the labor camp. Through her family's endless effort to get her back, she was released at the beginning of April 2003. Fifteen days later, the police station director Wu Yong sent people over to talk with her. They acted like they just wanted to ask her some questions, but in the end, they detained her again.