(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Dafa in March 1999. Before that, I suffered from congenital right lower limb angioma (a blood vessel tumor), and an operation in the hospital did not cure it. Two months after I started to practice, the disease disappeared completely. Seeing the miracle that happened to me, my mother and my son started to practice, too.

On July 22, 1999, the three of us went to the provincial government and asked for the unconditional release of our fellow practitioners. What awaited us were fully armed police, sirens, and all kinds of police vehicles running back and forth. It was like time stood still. We stood in the front of the group of appealing practitioners. The video cameras of the police were recording everything. I thought: no matter what happens, I will protect Dafa and tell the truth.

On October 1, in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, a newspaper called "Business Morning News" published an article that listed Falun Gong as one of ten biggest crime cases (of the Province). I went to the newspaper office with five other fellow practitioners to clarify the truth. The police arrested us and sent us to a detention center, where we were held for 15 days.

On December 3, 1999, I went to Beijing to validate Dafa with my 8-year-old son. With some fellow practitioners whom I had not met before, we went to appeal in Tiananmen Square. Two days later, the police arrested us. My mother (68 years old) went to Beijing to appeal by herself after our arrest. The police sent me to the Liaison Office of Chengdu City in Beijing. In the Liaison Office, the police found a piece of paper with the phone number of a fellow practitioner and put it on the desk. I immediately grabbed the piece of paper and put it into my mouth. The guards then cuffed my hands to the stone lion outside the door. Later on, I met my son, who was also detained there. He told me that since it was snowing, he started to practice the second set of movements. He was taken into a police vehicle right after he started to practice. In the Liaison office, my son slept on a long chair. Fearing that my son could not stand the cold, a fellow practitioner took off his coat and put it on him. Seeing this, the guards beat that practitioner and cuffed him outside in the cold wind for the whole night. His hand was also bleeding because of the beating.

A few days later, some police guards from Sichuan province came to pick us up. Before we left, the guards threatened me, "You have only 30 minutes to tell us the phone number you put into your mouth; otherwise we will give you a heavy sentence." I was not moved at all by their threat.

Upon returning to Chengdu, we were detained in a drug detoxification center. Because I persisted in practicing the exercises, a wicked guard kicked me out of the room and forced us to stand in the freezing wind without our heavy coats. The persecutors also forced us to squat on the ground for a long time as a method of torture. Two days later, I was transferred to a detention center, where over 20 people lived in a room of less than 200 square feet. It smelled badly in the room. In the morning, I could only drink the water in the toilet and use it to wash my face and brush my teeth. The guards often shut off the water on purpose, and when that happened, during mealtimes at least 10 people in this small room had to eat their food right next to a toilet filled with excrement.

One time, the perpetrators forced us to watch a video program in which some practitioners from the Falun Dafa Association were sentenced. When we finish watching, the director of the detention center said, "Even your leaders have quit practicing, are you going to persist?" I stood up right away and replied, "We cultivators take the Fa as teacher, and we don't follow any examples." The director got very angry: his plan of "brainwashing" us using the video program failed with a quick end.

Because I refused to give up my cultivation, the persecutors kept re-detaining me until March 1, 2000 (according to the law, criminal detention can not exceed 15 days, so they started another period of detention when one ended). By that time, I had been detained 4 times in a row, and the Two Conferences were in session. I thought: I don't want to be detained here anymore. I want to go to Beijing to appeal. On the same day, the guard who was in charge took my brother to see me. After extorting 2000 Yuan and a "guarantee letter" from my brother, I was released.

I returned home and met my mother there. She told me that after she went to appeal in Beijing, the police arrested her and sent her to the Liaison Office. Because it was very cold, and there was no bed, she put her legs up on a chair. The guards thought she was crossing her legs to do meditation, so they beat her up and forced her to stand outside. Later on, she was transferred to the drug detoxification center, where persecutors forced her to run and stand for a long time. They also tortured her by not giving her anything to eat. Two days later, she was sent to another detention center. The guards there repeatedly asked whether she would still practice Falun Gong. When she replied "yes," the persecutors would torture her by forcing her to stand outside in the cold weather. Later on, the local police station took her back. The guard from the police station lied to her saying, "Your daughter was sentenced to three years in jail, so you cannot stay at her home." My mother said, "No. I have been staying with her for many years, and plus, I need to cook for my grandson." However, the guard forced her to go to my brother's home. My 8-year-old son was left alone at my home. When my mother reached her son's home, the local police drove her back to her own hometown.

On March 2nd, I went to Beijing to appeal again. This time I took a detour in order to avoid the police. When I reached the appeals office, I found many police cars (from all over the country) parked along the street, more than 100 police guards blocked the entrance of the street and stared at everyone that passed by. It took a lot of effort for me to push through the crowd and walk toward the appeals office. On the small street, there were still many plain-clothes police guards walking back and forth. By this time, my legs were stiff, and I looked straight ahead, and did not even dare to look to the side. I had only one thought in mind: I must walk into the appeals office. When I entered the office, more police guards were walking and watching. Before I could finish filling out a form, some plain-clothes police guards discovered that I was appealing for Falun Gong. They grabbed the collar of my coat and dragged me out of the room. I found that a few other Dafa practitioners were there. We finally finished the forms and turned them in. Yet the police would not let us go: they were waiting for the local liaison offices to pick us up.

On March 18, the local police took me back and put me into a detention center. During that time, Dafa practitioners in the detention center went on a hunger strike to protest. Then 7 or 8 male guards held one practitioner and force-fed him. Later on the practitioners exchanged ideas and thought that we should go out to validate Dafa. We then wrote a petition letter. On May 24, I was released.

On June 8, the persecutors held a poster show that slandered Dafa. I wrote an article titled "Clarify the Truth and Return the Clean Reputation of Falun Dafa" and distributed it in front of the exhibition building. In the article, I wrote how the TV station had deceived people: in October 1999, I had gone to the "Business Morning News" and told them that I suffered from a blood vessel tumor for many years, and many years of medical treatment (the doctors even took out one of my blood vessels) did not cure the disease; after I practiced Dafa, it disappeared. Later on, the local TV station broadcasted the scene in which I showed them my lower leg to tell them where the tumor had been, but they distorted the facts and added someone else's voice saying, "Practicing Falun Gong caused the disease of blood vessel tumor, but Falun Gong does not allow me to receive medical treatment..." After I disclosed their deeds, the persecutors illegally ransacked my home on June 13. At the time, I did not even have my shoes on. They dragged me down from the third floor. My socks, my knees and feet were all torn. I then went on a hunger strike. The perpetrators later sentenced me to 1 year in a forced labor camp.

In August, I was sent to Zizhong Forced Labor Camp in Sichuan Province. Because I have too many human attachments, I did something that a Dafa practitioner should never do: I told lies. Yet Teacher did not give up on me. After I recited Teacher's new articles, I woke up after going astray for three months, and I immediately wrote a solemn declaration. In my declaration, I once again clarified the truth about the TV station slandering Dafa. I turned it in to the guards of the labor camp, and they illegally extended my term for an additional three months.

Later, the guards assigned two "helpers" to me: they controlled my every move 24 hours a day. They followed me when I ate, slept, or used the restroom.

Around the time of the Spring Festival of 2001, some officials from the Chengdu City Education Committee came to the labor camp to show their "care," and had a talk with me. I told them my true story. After they learned that the TV station was telling lies, they did not say a thing.

In July 2001, the head of the guards said that I was doing "counter-reformation." They put me and 10 other practitioners in a room that was about 100 square feet for "strict control." The temperature in the room was over 105 o F, and we were forced to eat, drink, and defecate in this room. As a result, the room smelled badly. We were never allowed to leave the room. Every day, we were forced to get up at 6 a.m. and sit like soldiers in an army camp until 10 p.m. We were not allowed to close our eyes or move our mouths, otherwise the persecutors would think we were practicing or reciting Teacher's articles.

In August of 2001, I was transferred to a cell where there were ordinary inmates. Once we were talking about the so-called "self-immolation" incident in Tiananmen Square. I told them my story and how the TV station lied. Everyone realized that the TV stations were telling lies. The guards were angry with me and they forbid me to talk.

On September 29, my term at the forced labor camp was due to be over. The local police picked me up and since I refused to give up my cultivation, they wanted to put me into a detention center. They even filled out a form for a 15-day detention. I decided to appeal the illegal treatment, yet they still detained me for 10 days.

In early November, I went to the local residence office to get my ID card. The police wanted me to write a report (of what I think of Falun Gong). I wrote of my determination to cultivate. Upon seeing my report, they became furious and said that I was stubborn. They also said that they could throw me in jail just for the report. Because I was solid in my mind, their voices softened, and finally they asked me kindly, "Do you want us to send your ID card to you using express mail or ordinary mail?" They also gave me their address and phone number.

To get my ID, I needed to go through another office. When I got there, the office staff was shocked: "It's you! Our supervisors blamed us so many times because of you; we were also put into "study sessions" and scolded because of you. Yet we do not even know you." I told them the truth about Falun Gong and my story. In the face of a living example, they had no choice but to admit to the facts. They said, "Never say that your ID was confiscated because you practice Falun Gong; just say you dropped it in a river or it was burned accidentally. I said, " No, I won't lie." They said, "After going through all the trouble and tribulation, she still tells the truth. Falun Gong must be truly good." Another one added, "To be honest, only Falun Gong practitioners dare to tell the truth these days."

Around 12 a.m. on December 28, I was abducted by 7 or 8 wicked people and brought to a detention center.

There were already 11 fellow practitioners in the cell. We studied Fa, practiced the exercises, and sent forth righteous thoughts every day. Once a 20-year-old female guard asked me to go out to register. Her attitude was very fierce. I clarified the truth about the so-called "self-immolation" incident, and showed her my lower leg (where the blood vessel tumor used to be). She was surprised and asked, "You have been to the labor camp? My supervisors told me that everyone in the labor camp had been 'reformed' already." I said, "They lied to you. If everyone has been 'reformed,' then why am I still here?" She was shocked. Since then, she changed her attitude toward Dafa practitioners, and whenever things came up, she would talk to me as if I was her friend.

One month later, I was transferred back to the local police station. The Chief asked me if I had any plans for the future. I said, " I plan to be a good person according to the principles of 'Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance.'" He roared furiously, "Throw her in [to the detention room]!" I immediately stood up and replied, " Your words do not count. You are wrong to illegally detain me. Don't think of my benevolence as fear. I will go home today for sure." As I spoke, I started to walk out. The guard in charge of my area dragged me back and asked me to sit down first. After a little while, my brother came. The Chief sent me home in a car.

In April 2002, a fellow practitioner was arrested for distributing truth-clarifying materials. From the practitioner, the police learned that the materials came from me. They ransacked my home and took away many materials and some banners. They forced me into a detention center. I refused to go into the interrogation room or the detention center. A wicked guard literally kicked me into the room.

In the detention center, I refused to follow the rules for inmates and went on a hunger strike. I also sent forth righteous thoughts when the guards came for an inspection. The guards put cuffs and shackles on me and linked the cuffs and shackles, so I could not stand straight. They also force-fed me. A few days later, they tied me on to a "death bed" [Note: A special torture where a person is tied to a board at a fixed position with no movement possible for a long time] and force-fed me twice a day. They tied me on the "death bed" for a long time, and would not even let me use the restroom. Once when I asked for the right to use the restroom, an inmate hit me on the head with a pair of handcuffs, leaving two holes in my scalp. Blood immediately rush out and ran down my head, soaking the pillow and my clothes. The guards ignored my injury and said, "You deserve this." On the 15th day of my hunger strike, the police sent me to a hospital. After repeated request, they sent me home. However, they assigned some of the staff from my local residence office to live with me at my home and monitor me all the time. One afternoon, while I was shopping for groceries on the street with my "chaperone," I escaped when she was buying some fruit. I was then forced to leave home and move from place to place.

Right before the opening of the 16th National Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (Around October 2002), the director of the residence office tried to extort 3000 Yuan [Chinese dollar. The average monthly salary of an urban worker in China is about 500 Yuan, but only 200 Yuan for a rural worker.], saying that it was for medical expenses. My mother said, "My daughter only spent one night at the hospital last time, how could the expenses be 3000 Yuan? I don't have money for it." They said, " You can sell your TV and washing machine." Because my mother resisted their illegal deed, the persecutors did not succeed in their extortion.

On December 8, 2002, when I was on the stairs inside the residence building near my home, I noticed that someone was following me. The person took out his police ID. Only then I realized he was the "fellow practitioner" I met two days ago. He abducted me and another practitioner who was staying at my home (who had just been released after going on a hunger strike for a long time). My home was illegally ransacked again, and the persecutors took away 3000 Yuan. They covered my mouth with tape and then used a black plastic bag to cover my head, then took me to a hotel room and cuffed me to a chair. I was not allowed to close my eyes or sleep. Because I did not cooperate with them, they beat me up and used my shoes to torture me. They also used toothbrushes to brush my face, beat me with a rod-shaped tool, burnt my hands with cigarettes, used the cigarettes to blow smoke up my nostrils, and poured alcohol on my face. If I closed my eyes, the guards would take turns violently shaking me, which made me dizzy. If that did not work, they would slowly pour cold water over my head, soaking all my clothes. They tortured me like this for 6 days, trying to force me into telling them where I got the truth-clarifying materials. I did not cooperate with them and went on a hunger strike. Later on, the police station illegally detained me again. I sent forth righteous thoughts right away to completely oppose the persecution. I thought: Teacher, please help me. I want to get out and disclose the agent that disguised himself as a practitioner, and prevent damage to more materials-making sites and persecution to more practitioners. I tried many methods, and finally, I jumped down from the 4th floor.

They sent me to a hospital. I had many fractures in my lower body, including my pelvis and my right leg. I sent forth righteous thoughts. The persecutors wanted the doctors to operate on me, but the doctors said that I was too weak to be operated on. Slowly, my leg swelled like an "elephant leg," and it turned purple in color. I started a hunger strike, requesting an immediate release. Finally, the police carried me home after a hunger strike of 30 days, fearing to take responsibility should I die.

My family members could not recognize me when I reached home. They had to feed me using a spoon and a straw. I could not use the restroom, and had to use a diaper. Since I could not even turn over, I had to stay in one position for a long time, which caused horrible back pain.

Under the compassion of Teacher and the help of my fellow practitioners, and with the righteous thoughts I had through cultivating Dafa, I recovered miraculously: now I can slowly walk along the wall.

I want to express my sincere respect to our great Teacher and my deep appreciation for the fellow practitioners who helped me.