One day, a fellow practitioner came to ask me for technical support. We sorted out materials until late into the night. This practitioner only slept for 2 hours that evening. She had been working hard for several days and only slept a little each day.

The next day when I saw this practitioner leave on a bus, I sincerely felt admiration for her from the bottom of my heart. She'd had some problems in coordinating with other practitioners because of some attachments that she had not discarded yet, and I also had blamed her because of my lack of compassion. However, at that moment, I suddenly realized that she wasn't young and belonged to the generation which had few computer skills. Yet she did a lot of Fa-rectification work on her computer every day, and I was deeply touched by her compassionate heart to offer salvation to sentient beings. At that moment, I felt a shock in my body, and I burst into tears because what I saw were the compassionate thoughts of Dafa disciples.

In fact, all Dafa disciples are trying their best to offer salvation to sentient beings. When we cooperate with each other in doing Fa-rectification work, isn't the interference that comes up (which shouldn't occur in the first place) a reflection of the old forces' attempt to make use of practitioners' uncultivated sides to cause barriers among practitioners and achieve their goal of persecuting all sentient beings?

If we can truly be considerate of each other and cooperate well in Dafa work, the old forces will be most afraid.

Written on May 21, 2003