Song Ping (female, Chief of Brigade 1) locks up practitioners in small cells and handcuffs their hands for long periods of time, sometimes to barred windows for as long as half a month.

Wang Zhitao (female, Vice Chief of Brigade 1, later transferred to Brigade 4) locks up practitioners in small cells and cuffs their hands for long periods of time, sometimes to barred windows for as long as half a month. Wang also sends Dafa practitioners to brainwashing centers and to the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp for persecution, etc.

Xu Huifang (female, Chief of Brigade 3) often locks up practitioners in small cells and cuffs their hands. She personally brutally tortured female Dafa practitioner Li Guangxiu with savage punches and kicks.

Zhang Jingyong (female, Vice Chief of Brigade 3, later transferred to Brigade 4) instigates drug addicts to "strictly monitor" Dafa practitioners, and instructs them to brutally torture practitioners.

At the end of September 2000, Xu Huifang and Zhang Jingyong cuffed and hung up four female practitioners, including Li Xiuying, for five consecutive days and nights. They also cuffed and hung up practitioners all day for more than twenty days in a month, only letting them lie down, still cuffed, from midnight to 6 in the morning.

Wu Chunmei (female) connived and instructed a group of drug addicts to brutally torture female Dafa practitioner Jian Ping (they pulled up Jian Ping's clothes to cover her head, and randomly beat her). This worsened the condition of Jiang Ping's legs. She already had difficulty walking; basically she could not walk for a long time. She could only move slowly while others held her, and lost the capability to take care of herself.

Surnamed Zhou (female, Mess Officer of Brigade 3) fiercely struck female Dafa practitioner Li Xiuying's chest with her hands, and commonly uses caustic and cruel language to taunt Dafa practitioners. Once, while she was on duty, she found an excuse to punish all Dafa practitioners in the group, and forced them to squat down (there were several dozen people, including 60 and 70-year-old elderly people). She asked every drug addict, now called "Personal cangues," [cangue, the name of an instrument of torture, is now used to indicate the person who is designated to supervise the behavior of practitioners.] to monitor one Dafa practitioner, not allowing them to sit down or stretch. She instigated the drug addicts to strictly monitor practitioners and violently beat them if they stretched their legs. If the drug addicts failed to follow her instructions, she reduced their food ration during the nighttime. One time a young female practitioner had her period when she was cuffed to an iron barred window, and blood flowed down her legs. The drug addict that was monitoring her reported to Zhou and asked for a sanitary tissue, but was refused. Her response was: use any methods that can make practitioners suffer.

Yan Liping (female) is in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in her Brigade. She instigates drug addicts to torture and torment Dafa practitioners, and viciously declares that there is no "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" in the forced labor camp. She uses every method she can in order to force practitioners into giving up their beliefs. She was promoted to an office specially dedicated to persecuting Falun Gong because of her contribution to the persecution. Meanwhile, she is also in charge of persecuting practitioners in the Jingkou Brainwashing Center in Chongqing City, and "instructs" the brainwashing center on persecution methods used in the forced labor camp.

Chen Shirong (female): directs drug addicts to cuff female Dafa practitioners in a corridor, with freezing cold wind blowing through during the entire night. Among those persecuted is Su Li (female).

Chen Hao (male): works as a policeman in the forced labor camp to actively persecute Dafa practitioners. He often carries handcuffs wherever he goes, and casually cuffs Dafa practitioners. He publicly declares his desire to put Dafa practitioners to death.

Yang Li (female): is actively involved in locking up, cuffing, and beating Dafa practitioners.

Huang Min (female): is actively involved in locking up, cuffing, and beating Dafa practitioners.

Surnamed Fang: (doctor, female) willfully inserts tubes in practitioners to force-feed them. She also arbitrarily uses unknown drugs on Dafa practitioners. The deaths of female Dafa practitioners Wang Jiqin and Zhou Chengyu both have direct relationships with Fang.

Director Li (female), Political Secretary Pang (female), and Administration Section Chief Zhao (female) are the planners, organizers, and directors of the persecution of Dafa practitioners in the forced labor camp. They are involved in and responsible for everything that happens there.

Some of the perpetrators involved in these evil deeds are: (drug addicts, all are female) Yuan Zhongqun, Zhou Sulan, Wang Liping, Wei Jianping, Su Juan, Liu Dengxiu, and Mao Juan. The above-mentioned people are the efficient accomplices of the policemen in persecuting Dafa practitioners. They willfully compile lies about practitioners to report to the police, and implement tortures on Dafa practitioners with the instigation of policemen, such as tying up, cuffing, covering practitioners' mouths with industrial tape, beating and cursing practitioners, choking them, sleep deprivation, restroom restriction, etc. Moreover, drug addicts Li Juan and Wu Defang also frequently torture Dafa practitioners.

Female Dafa practitioner Zhang Sufang died after becoming afflicted with a mental disorder due to the physical and mental torment. Female Dafa practitioner Jian Ping was persecuted to the extent of losing the capability to take care of herself. All the above-mentioned police officers and perpetrators are directly responsible for these cases.