(Clearwisdom.net) In Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference, Master told us, "In clarifying the truth, when a person's fundamental issues are touched, and at the same time he feels that Dafa disciples are truly saving him, then I think the side of him that's clear about things will emerge." I enlightened that we shall clarify the truth with sincerity, because when we sincerely tell him the facts, it is not only our human side that is speaking. Our part that has succeeded in cultivation is also clarifying the truth in different dimensions. In other dimensions, they did not know the truth either.

Some time ago, as more and more practitioners joined the effort of clarifying the truth through phone calls, more and more materials have become available. The materials are getting better and better, and most of them are put together with strong reasoning and logic. In general, I am not able to talk as logically as others do. I always talk as I think, and often forget what I planned to say after I start talking. So when I get material that clarifies the truth, I first organize it a little bit, and turn it into the language that suits my phone conversation, with the focus on telling people the facts. I make sure that I express the views clearly within a few minutes, and then determine how to proceed based on the person's reaction. The results are pretty good this way.

Once, when I was about to make a phone call, I wanted to save some time and did not spend any time to prepare. I just put the articles next to me, and started to read them word by word when I started the conversation. After I read some parts, I found that there were too many comments, and they lacked facts. I remembered another article that had more facts. Then I switched my topic to the other article. It didn't have many comments, but its points were a little bit too high. I felt that the person was not able to accept the information, and his breathing sounded different as well.

I started to use my own words to explain the content of the article. After a little while, the person politely said, "Miss, could you tell me what you want to tell me?" I realized I did not clarify any truth to him. I stopped reading the article, and used my own words to speak. I followed my own understanding and the way other practitioners clarify the truth. I told him about the miracles of Falun Gong's healing illnesses and keeping people fit, and the fact that Jiang is being sued for "genocide" in a US federal court. Seeing that he was still listening, I proceeded to tell him about the establishment of the World Organization to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong, and everything that was in my mind. The result was good, and he thanked me.

This was a very good lesson. We must use our hearts to clarify the truth. If we want to save some time by reading the article word by word, that is only other people's understanding of the Fa. It doesn't have my own things. Without the things from my heart, I could not touch him. He could not feel that I was saving him, either. It really makes a difference.

Also, I think we should tell the facts more frequently, and let the listener make their own conclusion. Once, I had two phone calls that went quite easy, they listened to me and thanked me. Each phone call was about 20 to 30 minutes. I felt it was taking too much time in such phone calls, and wondered when I could finish at this rate. I wanted to save some time and go to bed early. Then I started to read a few lines from a reference article, and did not carefully prepare for the next call. The next person was an older lady from Shanghai. She spoke a Shanghai dialect, and could not understand Mandarin much. She called her husband over to talk to me. He was also from Shanghai, but he could speak Mandarin. After he heard what I said, he said, "What you said is fake. I don't want to listen." Then I said, "How do you know it is fake?" He said, "How can you prove that it is not fake?" Then he hung up.

At that moment I found that I should not have any carelessness in my heart. I have to talk step by step, to tell them from the very beginning, and then proceed according to their reactions.

From these two lessons, I had a much deeper understanding of Master's lecture. In clarifying the truth, we must use our heart to talk. We don't need to pay attention to the language. In fact, I use very little logic when I talk, what I do have is my heart. I read the materials beforehand, and keep it in my mind. Then when I talk using my own words, the results are better.

Also, when we make phone calls, it is better that we keep a clear mental state, and talk with cultivators' strong righteous thoughts. Sometimes we are indeed quite tired. We usually make phone calls at night, and feel sleepy. At this time we have to break all of our human notion obstacles. The Fa-rectification at this stage does have higher demand on us. We have to break through our human notions. Of course, it is not by force, it is a natural process based on the foundation of good Fa study.